Monday, September 2, 2013

This {long} weekend, i...

This weekend, we went to a cooking class at church. There is a man at our church who is known for being an excellent cook. They decided to have a cooking class night, where he taught us to cook Shrimp & Grits (popular southern dish) & a lady in our church would teach us to make her Strawberry Shortcake dessert. Then we would all eat together.

 the cooks & their spouses (Craig & Teddie, JC & Sandra)

Our church has never done this, but it was SUCH a hit! Everything was decorated perfectly & the food was - HONESTLY ... no exaggerating here ... the BEST thing i have ever put in my mouth! Brad said the same thing! I have had Shrimp & Grits at several local restaurants - it was even better than that! We had a wonderful time! :)

This weekend, we had breakfast at Brad's mom & dad's Saturday AND Monday. Good stuff! LOVE hanging out over there and enjoying my mother-in-law's cooking! DELISH! :)

This weekend, we went walking first thing in the morning... Saturday & Monday. Woohoo! :)

This weekend, I went with my mom to lunch (mexican) & shopping (Pier One & Target). We put together a housewarming basket for my friend Amanda who just moved back from California. It was fun putting it together! :)

This weekend, I delivered the housewarming basket to Amanda, and got to check out her new house! Got some loving from Judah, too! (That's me & judah, below... except this picture was taken LAST weekend. Ha!)

 isn't he so cute?! 

This weekend, I got really really down again about infertility. Just an emotional roller coaster, y'all. Saturday evening I was so down about it, and then Sunday I woke up with such a sadness in my heart. I told Brad it physically hurts, that it feels like someone is taking the palm of their hand and SHOVING my heart in as hard as they can. I took a nap Sunday afternoon, though, and woke up feeling fine. Funny  how that works. Much better today. But i would appreciate your prayers!

This weekend, I did an engagement shoot downtown! Such a beautiful couple!! :)

This weekend, I got together with my good friend Shana for lunch (La Madeline's) & shopping (Pier One - yes, again!). It was a good time. Love that girl! I also was compelled to buy a sweet little stuffed animal for my future child. Is that weird? I felt so silly! Tell me i am not the only person who has bought something for her child before she was even pregnant?! I would post a picture, but it feels personal somehow. It's the softest sweetest little puppy dog, though! I thought Brad would think i was crazy but he said when i am sad i can get the puppy dog & remind myself that we will one day be parents. ONE DAY. :)

How was your weekend???


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend, overall! XOXO

  2. I'm glad you had such a fun weekend!

    Girl, I know that kind of pain, though, and yeah, it sucks (to say the least). Praying for you continually.

  3. That basket did turn out super cute!!

  4. praying for you friend, ::hugs::
    ps that engagement shoot...gorgeous and i WANT her jacket...any idea if you could ask where she got it? bahaha
    + that cooking class sounds so delicious and like so much fun!


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