Thursday, October 31, 2013

Alanna & Josh | Engagements | The Welcome Center | Lutcher, LA

A couple weeks ago, I headed out to Lutcher, Louisiana to do an engagement shoot for Alanna. Alanna was a student at Aveda while I was working there, and i always loved her great attitude & fun personality. She is a pretty cool chic! She also does great hair. ;)

Alanna is getting married this Saturday evening! So excited for her. She and her fiance have a son, who is ADORABLE... i took a few family shots as well.

We took the pics at Lutcher Welcome Center....after they closed. We kind of snuck in. Yep, we actually had to step over (or under) a gate to get in. Haha! (I probably would have been too chicken to do this, if not for the fact that Alanna's fiance is a fireman in Lutcher, and knows the cops, so he wasn't really worried about them catching us!)

It was supposed to rain all day, but we were just determined not to cancel. The sky was full of thunderclouds on my way to meet them.  But once i got there, it cleared up & it was the perfect lighting for pics!

I fell in love with the place. I would love to keep doing shoots there, but it's almost an hour away. Not too far, but not likely to be a first choice of my clients, unless they live there!

Here are a few of the pics from that day!


Congrats, Alanna & Josh! :)


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