Saturday, October 5, 2013

Krystle & Justin | Wedding Photography | Prairieville, LA

So. I finished. Today. This afternoon.

It took me what felt like FOREVER, but I finally finished editing the pics from the wedding I did. Hooray! It is completely done. This makes me want to SHOUT! I have 3 other photo shoots waiting to be edited. THREE! I normally don't get behind like this, but i normally don't have weddings, either. :) (And it's not even a month since the wedding. Some photographers take 6-8 weeks.)

I feel like I learned a lot at this wedding. I made my share of mistakes, that is certain. But i am really glad I did it. I made mistakes and even had issues with a battery, but i still got PLENTY of pictures for the bride. Nice pictures. I mean, I do not think they are award-winning pictures. Not by a long shot. But for a first wedding? I am happy with what I got, what I learned, and hope for another opportunity like this sometime! So i can improve!

My friend, Jamey, was second shooter for me & she did a great job as well. What i am REALLY thankful for is that she seemed to fill in the gaps where i was lacking. For example, i missed the ring exchange because my battery died (long story!), but she got some beautiful shots in that moment. We were a great team! And she's asked me to be her second shooter for a wedding in May! So that's fun! :)

Krystle was such an easy bride, too. VERY laidback & you know...opposite of bridezilla. Thankful for THAT! Haha.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day.


 Not seeing each other! ;) 

Obviously, i need a little more practice with my rock shots. And a macro lens might have helped, too. But i still love them.

cutie. patootie. 

They were singing to some song that came on. I wish i could remember what it was. They were too cute! I have a series of these. :)

This couple danced the night away!

So cute. :)


  1. Love the second pic... of the bride and flower girl walking away from you!!

  2. These are great, Mel!! You did an awesome job. And I LOVE the ring shots! The one of them in the flowers is gorgeous!

  3. I second Laura! Too cute of them walking away! :)

  4. While you didn't post it here, only on facebook, I loved the photo you posted of the church. I think it kind of sets the mood of our day. And while I loved our wedding photographer and the photos she took, if I could go back, I'd ask her to take an actual photo (or two) of the plantation itself.

  5. i'm with everyone else - the one of the bride and the flower girl! SO CUTE!
    And the rings in the flower...gorgeous girl!


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