Friday, October 11, 2013

One Blog or Two?! {survey results}

So remember that time I did a survey to see if y'all thought I should keep two separate blogs, or delete my weightloss blog, and just talk about that stuff here?

That was a lot of fun! I think i see why Erika is addicted to surveys now. Ha! But hers are usually more exciting/interesting/hilarious than mine.

Anyway, it was fun.... but not really helpful. Ha!


My thoughts:
-I'm glad you at least know I have a weightloss blog!
-I like that MOST Of you are cool with me writing about the weightloss stuff here.
-I like that the second largest group of you says it doesn't really matter to you!
-NOBODY said they don't care about my weightloss issues. That's nice. :)
-But 6 of you ONLY want to read about my weightloss stuff. Okay. That's cool. ;)

And then, "other". The "other" group mostly fall into the majority categories anyway. The "it doesn't matter to me" group & the "get rid of the other blog, just write about everything here" group.

Here are the "other" responses:

I read both but never comment. You and I have similar stories except I'm 32 and have PCOS without IR. I love following you and can totally relate. As long as you keep blogging, i'll follow! 

Girl, you do what you want to do! it's your blog(s) and your life - i say write about both in one blog so that you're not having to go back and forth.  

Merge it all into one. It's your blog. Blog about what you want, when you want! 

Girl, do whatever makes YOU most comfortable!!! 

I'd just say to do what you feel comfortable with. If having 2 is too much, then maybe switch to just one for a while and re-evaluate in about 3 months and decide if you want to drop the 2nd one completely! 

I like both blogs and like reading them separately.

I LOVE both your blogs, your numbers, your photography, your weight loss, keep it! :) Unless its too difficult to keep them up.

Do what makes you happy and sucessful!

I think keeping up with two blogs would be confusing- welcome your whole life into this blog!

I honestly ONLY read your weight loss blog. I think I stumbled across it through sparkpeople a long time ago. I'll just bookmark this one, no biggie. :) 

Keep them separate because i like reading about both aspects of your life and seeing your weightloss helps me with mine!  

Do whatever feels right for YOU! You can do this Melissa & you will. (Thanks, Lucy!)

Keep them separate...your weightloss blog is more private? Not as many ppl know about it? You can be more vulnerable? I dunno...ha! :)  (I think this is Amanda. It just sounds like her! Ha!)

Y'all are so sweet!!! I felt so loved & supported by your votes & comments!!! :)

What shall I do, though? Hmm.

-I don't want to post actual numbers (weight, measurements) here. I don't know why. I do it there, no problem. But not here. Kinda freaks me out. Probably because more people read this blog, i don't advertise that one much at all. People find it if they find it.
-I don't want to subject the 6 people who voted to keep them separate (because they ONLY want to read about the weightloss stuff) to reading all my other ramblings. Ha. But i know they can skip those posts if they wish.
-I don't want to go through times where that is ALL that's on my mind & subject people to reading about it EVERY SINGLE DAY.
-Writing about it all here can be helpful to more people. I will be more vulnerable to more people, and i think people are helped by that kind of vulnerability from others. 

Thoughts on KEEPING BOTH.
-It just gets old. Real old. Posting on both.
-I don't want how i eat to be such a big part of my life that i have to have an entire blog devoted to it. And yet, that is where i am. It IS a big part of my life. I have let food control me for so long, i have struggled to lose weight for so long, that it is what it is.

When i type it out like that... I feel like there is no question. Just have one blog. (So sorry to those of you who voted to keep them both!)

But don't worry. I'm not going to delete that one yet. I will still post there for now. But i will also slowly start posting weightloss stuff here. I am about to start Whole30 (more about that in my next post), and i DO plan to write about that DAILY. And it's for 30 days. So at least for the Whole30 i will probably keep that blog.

But then posting HERE for 30 days about weightloss... that might keep me more accountable.


I won't delete the other one quite yet.But it's looking good to go with the majority on this one.

So that was a lot of rambling & no real decision!! More comments are welcome!!



  1. If I may be so bold, it sounds like it would be scary for you to move everything to this blog, especially because, if you continue posting numbers like you do currently on your weight loss blog, you will feel accountable to more people. More people will know whether or not you're doing well or struggling. BUT on the positive side: you will likely have MORE encouragement when you are struggling AND when you're doing well. A risk? Yes. Worth it? I would think so. Maybe you will get negative feed back, but if a certain person starts that up, then ask them politely to keep their comments to themselves and block them if you have to. So, I'm saying you may find you actually stick to your guns more if you're posting it all here.

    Remember, whatever you choose is for YOU. You are likely to meet some resistance either way. However, if someone leaves because you did merge and they only wanted to read about weightloss, that's their loss. And if someone leaves because they can't stand reading about your weightloss, it's their loss. I can't tell you what to do, I do know what I'd encourage you to do, and I hope you make a decision which makes you feel good about yourself. (I know it's hard, I struggle with listening to what other's say too much, but try not to let what others want/say make your decision for you.)

  2. I can't imagine keeping up with 2 blogs! Oh, HI, I'm back!!! Life's been crazy! I haven't read or blogged in seriously FOREVER! I'll read your blogs whichever way you go...


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