Friday, October 18, 2013

Sandifer Reunion 2013

I just realized that I have not yet blogger the reunion we went to last weekend. So much fun. :)

Every year, my husband's mom's side of the family has a family reunion. It is always a really great time. I absolutely LOVE the people in Brad's family - they're so warm and funny and just easy people to be around (well, you know... MOST of them!).

This reunion was started by Brad's great grandparents & continues today, every year in October. It's been going on about 46 years now, I think. This was my 7th reunion. I went in 1997 (when me & brad dated the first time), and then again in 2008 (when we were engaged), and then every year since we've been married: October 2009, 2010, 2011, & 2012. (Apparently I didn't blog the reunion in 2009, even though I had this blog then!)

This year's reunion was a good time, too. I will say that it was HOT! It's normally cooled off a bit by mid-October. My hair being up in pics? Because of the heat. I couldn't get it up fast enough! Haha.

I have to say it was the smallest group we have had (but not too small! Just not as big as usual), and the party ended earlier than usual. I actually was feeling really crappy (that time of month had arrived), so we only stayed until 2. Still, it was a good time, and I'm so glad we got to see some family we hadn't seen in awhile. 

We always have these reunions at my husband's Uncle Kenny & Aunt Annette's house. THIS is their backyard. I mean. Yeah.

Brad's Uncle Lon & Aunt Margie. Aren't they the cutest?!?

These two used to be the youngest at our reunions! Sweet Tucker & Audaleigh. LOVE THEM!

But they are no longer the youngest! Tucker is now the proud big brother of baby sister TWINS!

See? Here they are (one with her Aunt, one with her cousin (my sis-in-law)).

Of course, I grabbed one of them IMMEDIATELY upon their arrival and held her for a good long while. She never complained.

Here is the lucky (& beautiful!) mama! (Also pictured, Amanda, the photo bomber!)

I love these people. Here are some more pics.

 Trina & Shira (sisters), Jaimie (my sis-in-law) & moi

 Siblings Brittany & Rene

 Brothers Hayden & Zachary

 Brittany & her grandpa, Rene Sr. 

 Me & my love! 

 Matt, his sons & his beautiful bride-to-be!

 Isn't she a beauty!? :)

 Haha. Brad loves this pic. He says she looks like Aunt Jemima LOL

 I had everyone in LSU gear to take a pic, because there were just so many of them! 

 Me with Stacia & Jaimie

And last but not least... lots of fun with Brittany, one of Brad's many cousins. Love this girl. LOVE HER! She is so beautiful, loves Jesus & is totally & completely just who she is. She has a passion for the Lord and she is so funny & carefree. I was definitely not this amazing in high school, y'all. 

She also loves to be really really goofy. And so do i. Which is why we get along so well! Ha!


Ready for Sandifer Reunion 2014! ;)

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  1. Mel - what kind of camera do you have? You always take the best pictures!!


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