Monday, October 7, 2013

This Weekend...

This weekend was pretty fantastic. Especially Saturday night.

There was talk of a potential hurricane coming. Karen was her name. Did she make landfall anywhere? I never heard. All i know is, it was going to pour all weekend - and possibly be a hurricane...then it downgraded to a really bad tropical storm... and then we ended up having only 50% chance of rain. I thought i would stay indoors all weekend but i actually ended up going out Saturday night - and it only sprinkled a little the whole night!

I'm pretty sure I did nothing but lounge around Friday night. I am always exhausted by the end of a full work week!

Saturday i was supposed to get up & go to bootcamp. But it was too far and i was too sleepy and it was raining (but it went away pretty quickly!). I ended up staying home & CLEANING. My house needed it SO BAD!

Then i relaxed for awhile. Until around 5:30. I met my friend Ashley & drove us to dinner & a show! We had dinner at Bistro Byronz, one of my very favorite restaurants! And then we went to see 9 to 5 at Theatre Baton Rouge. OMG. It was SO GOOD, y'all. I mean, i never saw the movie version with Dolly Parton. I didn't even know what it was about. I only knew the song 9 to 5. But it was HILARIOUS. We laughed out loud throughout the whole thing. We had a wonderful night! Love that girl!!

Ashley is actually related to my husband... they are like...2nd or 3rd cousins? I don't even know, his family is huge. I never really got to know her until she & her husband began attending our church & became the church's youth pastors. We absolutely love them! Isn't she a doll?! :)

Sunday was church, and then I came home, threw dinner in the crockpot, took a nap, got up, did some picture editing, finished up dinner, and had the in-laws over to eat it with us! :) It was great catching up with the in-laws. They are the sweetest!

It was a great weekend! Can't wait for the next one! ;)


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  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Glad you were able to enjoy!


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