Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Whole 30: Day 2

I am THRILLED to tell you that Day 2 was not The Hangover. I have felt pretty much amazing all day. I kid not.

I mean, I woke up with the WORST headache... not my "i always have headaches" headache (the one i mentioned yesterday), but a different headache. I have had it before... maybe the last time i stopped sugar? It was definitely a withdrawal headache, or a "need coffee NOW" headache.

HOWEVER, I had THE most amazing breakfast! I had no idea that avocado & egg were THAT good together. I mean, I've seen a ton of pics from paleo people with egg & avocado, and i thought "yum!" because I like eggs & I love avocado. What i didn't expect was how good it tasted TOGETHER! Oh M Gee!

Not 10 minutes after eating, i felt 100x better. I did take excedrin when i woke up, because the head was SPLITTING OPEN. But i feel sure the food had something to do with it, too!

For lunch, i had tilapia & mixed steamed veggies (zucchini, squash, broccoli, carrot & cauliflower). I couldn't finish it all and had the rest (+ some almonds) for dinner. AMAZING!

I had my support group tonight (yes, i go to a support group for infertility - it's pretty much amazing) & she always serves fruit! I was really looking forward to it & she didn't let me down! Grapes & pineapples & strawberries! YUM! I came home and was hungry again so i had a few bites of celery. And that is IT! :)

I would love some coffee. But i have felt really good all day. I hope this doesn't mean tomorrow will be terrible! Haha! But i know it probably will...and it will be okay. I am going to push THROUGH THIS! :)

I cannot tell you how much it helps having FOUR people doing this with me! Me & two of the girls text each other throughout the day, Brad & i talk about it, and i am part of a local paleo group on FB & they are super helpful too. So much better doing this with support! I always have support, but to have people actually joining me - it's WONDERFUL.

And all of your comments - thank you! I am receiving a ton of encouragement & it is great!!

Oh, quick story! Today i was training a girl and she pulled a peppermint out of her pocket & popped it in her mouth. She said, "you want one?" & i said yes, because i forgot. I mean, it's a mint, right? She put it on the desk for me because i was in the middle of typing or something & couldn't get it right then. As i was typing, i thought, "Oh, crap, you can't eat that, it's pure sugar!" And then, "Melissa, it's just a peppermint." & then, "Seriously? You need it!" (I think tilapia gives you bad breath!) And then i said to the girl, "I'm sorry, I can't eat that... I'm doing this 30-day challenge thing..." :) Hahaha! 

I passed up a peppermint, y'all. I mean. That's awesome of me. Just... gonna go pat myself on the back. Ha! ;)

P.S. I'm getting a headache... the kind i had this morning when i got up. I guess that means it's time for bed! Haha!

P.S.(again). My husband was miserable tonight. He had a migraine & slight nausea. This is not uncommon for Day 2. He texted me at 6:30 that he was going to bed! Crazy!!! Haha! Please pray for him that he has a more awesome day tomorrow & sticks with this! :) (But he says he will!)


  1. Woohoo! I'm glad you didn't have too much of a "hangover". Poor Brad... I know that feeling. I think doing it together will help you stick with it, though. Good for you passing up the peppermint! You're stronger than I would have been.

  2. Yeah, it's the mindless things that can get us. Good for you for catching yourself!! Hope you feel better today!!

  3. Go you! That breakfast looks so good! Whenever we go out to breakfast I love getting anything that has eggs and avocado in it. It's the perfect combo!

  4. Hooray for turning down the peppermint! Maybe Brad will start adding to your posts about his thoughts on it all???

  5. You are making me want to try eggs and avocado! I see it a lot too.

    Yay on 2 successful days! I'm so glad you have a group to do this with. I wish I had one too! I would like to incorporate more whole foods. I feel like I don't want it bad enough to do Whole 30 and I have a couple situations each week where I can't pick what I eat -2 days a week my grandpa makes me dinner. I couldn't bare to put diet restrictions on an 86 year old man. But I'm starting to think each day I should make one meal Whole - start small like that.

    Go you! It's hard but will be worth it!

  6. SO PROUD OF YOU! :)
    i'm working on fully cutting out sugar too!
    so no coffee at al?!
    what is the 30 day challenge?! :)

  7. Fingers crossed that your husband felt better today and that today wasn't hangover day for you.

  8. Your breakfast looks delicious, and makes me want to try eggs and avocados together. Although I'm pretty sure I've had them together, just not alone, but with salsa for huevos rancheros. Either way though, it looks like an awesome combination!


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