Monday, October 14, 2013

Whole30: Day 1

Can you believe it? I made it an entire day without any crap food! I had eggs for breakfast, grilled chicken & roasted broccoli for lunch, and sauteed shrimp & green beans for dinner. I got hungry mid-morning & had some almonds. Late afternoon I had an apple. I would say that is a GREAT day of eating!

Any side effects?! Haha. Well, I've had a headache almost all day long, even right now, but I had one pretty much everyday last week too, so i don't know that I can blame that on Whole30.
cooked with this stuff for the first time! love it!

I haven't really felt HUNGRY, but i have felt like i REALLY wanted something. Not hungry but not really satisfied either. Kind of empty feeling. I'll get used to it! (Not to say i am advocating not eating enough! But i wasn't actually really hungry!)

This morning started with Brad making me eggs, and a group text from one of the girls doing this with me. We texted each other through out the day for encouragement & advice/support. It was awesome!

                                                                   meal planning!

Brad has loved it, too. He said, "I could eat this way forever. No problem." Of course, this is pretty normal for the first day. There is a timeline of how you will probably feel on what days, and Day One is the "so what's the big deal?" Haha. Days 2-3 are The Hangover, Days 4-5 are Kill All The Things, and Day 6 is I Just Want a Nap. HAHA!! (It does get better, though!)

The one for tomorrow sounds bad. From their website:

Days 2-3: The Hangover.
The alarm rings on day 2 and you pop out of bed expecting the same kind of Charlie Sheen winning feeling you had yesterday. Instead, you get the other side of Charlie…you know – the pounding-head-cross-eyed-can’t-see-straight side. You know you didn’t down a fifth of tequila in your sleep, so what the heck happened?!

Remember the pre Whole30 bender you went on? Pizza, cookies, Jim Beam, jelly beans (oh, the jelly beans)? Yeah. This is when it comes back to bite you in the butt. (And the head.) And it is definitely true that the amount of suck you experience in this phase is directly proportional to the amount of crap you consumed before you began the program. Especially if you consumed it consistently. This phase is especially hard for the habitual Diet Coke (and Diet Dr. Pepper here in my part of the world) drinkers. You know who you are.
Many Whole30ers report headaches, fatigue, and general malaise during this part of the program. This, my friends, is completely normal. Your body is working its way through a whole host of junk it stored from the foods (or food-like-products) you used to eat. This process lasts a day for some folks, but for others it can take a few days longer. Relax, drink a lot of water, and keep making good choices. 

Oh, joy! (But I know it will all be worth it!!)

Anyway, today was good, and after work i ran to Southside Produce, a local fruit stand, and got a TON of veggies & fruit for $20. That much at Whole Foods or Fresh Market would have cost double (TRIPLE??) that! Easily. I still want to go back to Fresh Market for eggs, bananas, grapes & apples. (The bananas & grapes are for brad, I am obsessed with apples & Fresh Market has found a new favorite apple for me: HONEYCRISP! Oh my WORD, they are amazing!)

So, i guess that's all I have to say for today, except for one thing. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your emails & comments after yesterday's post! You are all so encouraging & excited for me, and i am thankful!! Wish me luck the rest of this week!

Day One? SUCCESS!!! 


  1. Honey crisp are THE Cadillac of apples! So yummy! Good luck, lady. Sounds like your off to a geat start.

  2. You totally make me want to join the bandwagon and do this, too! I've been wanting to just eat healthier for so long, but I'm too lazy! The meal prep is what kills me! Great job, girl!!

  3. That description of the hangover is so funny!!! Proud of you for an awesome Day 1!!

  4. Sosososososo exciting!! Way to go with Day 1. I'm so jealous that you enjoyed green beans for dinner last night! Because it's a bean, it's not on the Paleo list of "approved" foods.

    A few snacks that I eat throughout the day are Justin's Nut Butter Honey Almond packs (Justin's is THE BEST brand), Buddy Fruit squeeze packs (they're like baby food but for fruit, normally found in the produce area by like, the Naked Juices) We eat a lot of almonds and pistachio nuts too (but not a lot of the pistachios because they are higher in calories) I make big batches of guacamole as well and eat it with plantain chips (soooo delicious if you haven't tried them!!)

    Although you will NO DOUBT start to feel better soon, I think the biggest indicator is that after a long time on this lifestyle change, you may indulge or "cheat" and then you REALLY notice the day after. You'll feel sluggish and bloated and have a headache... and then wonder WHY you made that stupid decision hahaha ;-) We talk about inflammation a lot in our house. It's AMAZING how the typical American diet can cause inflammation which is the root of A LOT of problems.

    Keep up the hard work!

  5. Always Always Always the first week of any clean eating sucks. That's why you need to be in a good mind frame to start it. (and why I hadn't been able to do it this last year) Because the cravings will come and you will want to run people over just to get to the Starbucks or Grocery Store to get a sugary snack or drink. Hold strong...it goes away after a week or so. (well it is less afflicting anyhow!)


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