Thursday, October 24, 2013

Whole30: Day 11!!

Today was kind of a rotten day. A really tough day. AND it's supposed to be the hardest day of Whole30 (that and Day 10, according to The Timeline). But I did it!!

I mentioned before that i am sick of eggs. This morning I made myself a smoothie. Now, i had heard that smoothies are not really Whole30 compliant, although it doesn't say that in my rules. I googled it and found some forums where people were discussing why. Reasons why were as follows:

a) You put milk or stevia or other things that are not whole30 compliant in it, thus making it NOT okay.
b) It doesn't have any protein in it, and you are supposed to eat protein, healthy carbs & healthy fat with each meal.
c) People have smoothies to fulfill a sweet tooth.
d) It's mostly fruit, which is too much sugar (even though it's natural sugar). 

Something like that. So, I wasn't planning on putting anything in the blender that is NOT whole30 compliant, we are okay there. And i'm not having a smoothie to satisfy my sweet tooth. I'm having one because if i see another egg in the near future I am going to barf.

I kind of understand the the other two, though... like maybe if i had a small smoothie with a small chicken breast on the side that would be okay??? And, yeah. It had a lot of fruit in it. Maybe not the best thing. Either way. I had a smoothie for breakfast. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!! All of the ingredients were all Whole30 approved, so i am okay with it!

Breakfast: Smoothie (frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, 1/4 apple, 1/2 banana, chia seeds & a lot of spinach leaves (Had to get some veggies in! It's good in a smoothie. Promise!)

Lunch: Salad at work (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bacon, and evoo)

Snack: Banana

Dinner: Chicken breast & roasted carrots (which hubby did because i was having a tough day and was STARVING because i forgot to pack a snack for work!). He did an awesome job!!

Snack: Apple

I am kicking Whole30's tail!! Haha. So thankful.

Thanks for all of your comments on these posts! They really motivate me & encourage me to keep going.



  1. Great job getting through a tough day!! Thinking of you today ;)

  2. I'm starting to feel that way about eggs and sausage... I tend to eat that every day because I need something to fill me up since I don't eat lunch until 1:00... I'm starting to get tired of it though. Great job on figuring something else out!

  3. You are awesome my dear! Also, just an idea about eggs - spice them up with salsa? Or can you make omelets? I think I saw that you've had them hard boiled, and I know I saw that you loved salsa on some beef so maybe on eggs?

    I am starting to incorporate paleo meals in each day. At least 1 meal paleo and then cut back on carbs and grains.. Also, I haven't had diet soda in over a week! Small victories. So proud of you. You're doing great.

  4. If you are lacking some protein in the smoothie, can you add some protein powder to it? I get mine from Academy (Target and Walmart have brands too). Just a thought of something to help supplement the smoothie!
    Also instead of plain milk, can you use Almond milk in the smoothie instead?

    I've been on a omelete kick lately. So I'm all about the eggs right now LOL!


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