Sunday, October 27, 2013

Whole30: Day 14 {& my thoughts so far}

I did well today. I also prepared OODLES of food for the next week & my feet are killing me.

I may have cooked more during the last 15 days than in our entire marriage. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. But definitely in the last year or two?!?! Haha.

But I'm not complaining. Yes, eating this way is harder. NOT craving-wise... you definitely get used to that part of it. I no longer really crave sugar at all. No joke. But in other ways it is harder. Meal-planning, food prep, cooking cooking cooking!

And it's more expensive, at least we think it is? Everyone says it is. But we are seeing that it seems to even out in some ways. First of all, we haven't eaten out since we started Whole30. Of course we will at some point, that is inevitable, but it won't be an every week or every weekend thing. Secondly, we are not wasting food anymore. I used to buy produce but it would just go bad because i would eat other stuff (read: JUNK) and not be in the mood for produce that you actually have to prepare. Now EVERYTHING gets eaten, which i love (i used to get SO MAD when i would realize i let yet another thing go bad!). Our grocery trips have averaged about the same as before, and I thought we were going too often because we were running out of food, but it seems it is more because i am getting meat at one store and produce at another. And random things at another. Which is another pain, but if it's more expensive to eat this way, i am going to the cheapest place that still has quality food.

The other thing that is hard is preparing food for the whole week. It's just a pain. BUT you can do it. You can. If i can, trust me, anyone can. Not because of any reason except my personality...I am a procrastinator with a capital P; i never pick out outfits the day before, i pack a suitcase the day i leave for the trip (or maybe the night before), i leave for work at the very last possible second to get me there in time. I do not want to cook and prepare meals for the week, I would rather just fly by the seat of my pants for dinner.

However, if you want to eat clean you HAVE TO PREP YOUR FOOD. You can do it the lazy way, like me (it's still preparing ahead of time but more based on what we have in the house and on recipes i find at the last minute), or you can do it the Type A way (meal plan, pick out your recipes, grocery shop, then prep your meals). But YOU HAVE TO DO IT.

I never would do something like this for that reason. Meal Planning. (And the thought of giving up sugar cold turkey for that long!) But there comes a point when you are like, "I have to do this." Where you believe in it & know that you just are going to do what it takes. I decided to do Whole30, and was so determined to do it, that the other things fell into place. If i didn't meal plan, or prep food, or start cooking eggs for breakfast, then i wouldn't be able to stick with Whole30 for all 30 days. So you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Now, I am heading into week 3. I have to tell you. For me, Week 1 was the week of sugar withdrawal, terrible headaches, zero energy, and all of that fun. Week 2, however, wasn't so bad. Some people continue all of that for Week 2. I didn't really. My cravings were gone, i have only really had headaches when i didn't eat enough protein for a meal or something, and my energy has at times been low but not TERRIBLY low like the first week.

Week 3 is supposed to be when i have energy through the rough, clearer skin, etc etc etc. By the way... my pants were falling off today. WOOT!

Anyway, enough rambling. Today's eats: 

  • breakfast: 2 eggs
  • snack: carrot cake lara bar
  • lunch: leftover cabbage rolls
  • snack: a pear
  • snack: black coffee with a little coconut milk
  • dinner: smoothie (spinach, frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, banana, apple, coconut milk & chia seeds)


  1. Yay for your pants falling off!! :) I can't wait for you to finish these 30 days and to hear the final verdict - I know it will be amazing!

  2. You had me at 'pants falling off'!!! SO proud of you and especially knowing how much extra work it is...having to prep food for dinner is bad enough, but all that work for breakfast and lunch, too?? Sheesh. I hope you continue seeing awesome results to make it all worth it!!

  3. Hooray for pants falling off! And for making it two weeks!!!

  4. I did a whole 30 in April. It quadrupled our grocery bill. We live on a very tight budget and before we only had meat 3 days/week..but we do not go out to eat before or after so that didn't affect the bill. I had to stop after 1 month sadly because of the cost. Oh andI was sick of meat at least 2x/day. I think my max is 1 time a day.


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