Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Whole30: Day 16 (!!!!) & the no-reply blogger

Day 16, y'all. DAY SIXTEEN!!! I am so freaking proud of myself! Haha.

This is what "the timeline" says about Day 16 (& beyond!):

Days 16-27: Tiger Blood

Goodbye cravings, hello Tiger Blood! This must be what everyone is talking about!
You’ve hit the downhill slope of your Whole30 and life is beautiful. Your energy is through the roof, you’ve kicked the cravings, you’re experimenting with new, delicious food, and you’ve finally got the time to notice that your clothes fit better, your workouts are stronger, and you are generally more awesome.

There’s not much more to say about this phase – go forth and enjoy!

Yeah!!!! :) And i have to tell you. I have kicked the cravings, I am experimenting with new delicious food, my clothes are definitely fitting better, and... yeah... I guess I am generally more awesome! Haha.

My energy today has been pretty good, I haven't felt tired or anything at all (until just now... but it is almost 10pm). But i don't know that i would say my energy is through the roof. They say that sometime during week 3 (now), your energy skyrockets, like a switch was flipped. I am waiting for that moment. I hope that moment really comes! It should be this week! ;)

And my workouts aren't stronger because i still haven't worked out. But i WILL!


Breakfast: 2 eggs

Lunch: chicken fajitas (chicken, bell pepper, onion)

Snack: apple

Snack: pecan pie lara bar (2)

Dinner: hamburger (no bun)

I definitely should've had some veggies with dinner, but i didn't and probably won't!

Other than that - i did great today!

*  *  *  *  *  * 

Now... a little bone to pick with some of you! ;) (Just kidding...kind of)

I recently took disqus off of my blog & went back to the blogger commenting system. I personally was having no problems with disqus, but discovered that a lot of people didn't like it & wouldn't even comment on it! So I decided to take it off. (Even though i don't know why they don't like disqus? All you do is put your name & email & sign in as guest if you don't have a disqus account...right?)

I haven't really minded that at all. Until now - now that I have been doing the Whole30, I am getting a lot more comments than usual. Which is great!! Only... I try to reply to the commenters & it seems like a LOT of you are no-reply bloggers. If you have commented on a post & i haven't replied to you - that is likely why!

This never ever happened with disqus because it requires you to put in an email address when you comment. (At least the way I had mine set up did.)

So i am going to need all my no-reply bloggers to fix this issue for me! The reason you want this is because when you comment on my blog & ask me a question or something, i can reply to your comment and it will go straight to your email inbox!

If you don't know if you are a no-reply blogger, than you probably are. Follow these steps to fix it.
-Go to your blogger dashboard
-Click your name in the top right corner
-Click "blogger profile"
-Click "edit profile"
-Where it says "show my email address" (left-hand side) - CHECK THAT BOX!
-Scroll to the bottom & click "save profile"

Done! :) Now that wasn't so hard, was it?! :)

And by the way - if you don't want to do this - or if you don't have a blogger account - you could leave your email address in the comment itself! I would be able to reply to you that way too.

Okay... real exciting post today. I know. ;)


  1. Haaaa...TIGER BLOOD?! That is hilarious. I hope you get yours soon! Thanks for spreading the no-reply gospel! :)

  2. I'm doing the Whole 30 as well, and on day 9! It's pretty exciting to be almost in the double digits. I find it's been pretty hard to have all three (protein, veggie, fat) in all three of my meals as well, but other than that I am surprised by how easy it is to eat this way!

    Best of luck in your last 14 days


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