Thursday, October 17, 2013

Whole30: Day 4

I really really wanted to blog about our family reunion last Saturday, or the headshots I did of my good friend, Brittany. But i am too tired. I wanna go to bed. So another boring Whole30 post for you, okay? I promise to blog about some fun stuff again!! (Tomorrow is Friday. Praise the Lord for the weekend!)

Today was good. Really good. This isn't killing me. Days 4 & 5 are "kill all the things", and while this morning I was a little bit irritable, it could have been because I started clomid, or because I got called in to work early, or because my husband was getting to stay home and i wasn't, OR because of the diet. So many factors at work here. You know?!

 Fievel begging me for breakfast the other day. Notice his plate of dog food. He ain't no fool! 

 It was a pain in the you-know-what, but i got it done. I love pineapple!

But really it's been a good day. I have definitely not wanted to kill anything, or more importantly, anyONE. And i haven't really even been irritable, except for this morning.

I have had a slight headache all day. A "i need sugar, please" headache. But not a TERRIBLE one. Just one of those dull ones, you know? I am not dying. 

Mostly, i am EXCITED. I am excited Brad is still hanging in there with me. I am glad my girlfriends are still doing it, too. I am glad that y'all seem to be okay with me blogging about nothing but FOOD everyday. I am happy to have blog friends & facebook friends who have emailed me awesome recipes or suggestions. I'm thrilled that i have no thought whatsoever of going to the gift shop at work or going to the cafe at work, or getting a coke in the cafeteria instead of water. Not a thought in my mind! I mean, that is a MIRACLE!

Mostly, I am glad that i have stuck with this thing for four entire days, which may not seem like much to some but it means a great deal to me.

Here is what i ate today!

Breakfast - tomato, avocado, egg
Lunch - baked chicken, roasted carrots, fresh pineapple! YUM!
Dinner - see breakfast (yep. i didn't feel like cooking, so that was the easiest thing.)

Snack - cashews & a banana (i had the munchies tonight. First time with the munchies on this diet, but i didn't cheat!)

Anyway. So there ya go. More exciting posts to come (hopefully!).



  1. Keep it up, Mel! You can do it! :-)

  2. I need a chef. That's what I need in order to do this! :) I'm SO impressed!!!

  3. Hooray for not cheating!!!
    YOu cute pineapple weird. :)

  4. way to go!
    girl I have the munchies all of the time - it's just keeping the right food in the house. that's been my downfall lately!
    mmmm avocado, I could eat it all day long!


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