Friday, October 18, 2013

Whole30: Day 5 {& the weekend!}

It's the weekend. Finally. This makes me happy!!! :)

This weekend should be pretty wonderful. The weather is nice. I have a photo shoot scheduled tomorrow morning (for MEGAN!!!), and then NOTHING for many hours, and then I am going my good friend Amanda's house for a girl's night! She's gonna cook a Whole30 compliant meal for us & we're going to paint letters (for her son's playroom). It's gonna be a fun night with some of my favorite girls!

Anyway... Let's talk about Whole30. I am sure you are going to be SO SICK of these posts by the end of this thing. Bear with me! Haha. Eventually I will write about other things!

Whole30 Day 5 was a smashing success!! Haha! I am so excited. How is it possible that THIS girl has eaten FIVE WHOLE DAYS completely clean, with no sugar, no flour, no dairy, nothing processed, etc etc etc? I mean, really. If you read my weightloss blog for any amount of time, you KNOW what a struggle all of this has been for me. And there have been times where i just COULD NOT DO IT. I felt so defeated. I was defeated! But right now i feel pretty stinkin' victorious. I know 5 days seems like nothing to some, but seriously! That is a big deal for me!

Best decision EVER, i have decided, and I'm only on Day 5. 25 days to go! Haha. By the way, i am LOVING their book, It Starts With Food. It explains the WHY & HOW behind Whole30 & it's really good. But you can find out a lot on their website, too. (Side Note: On Amazon, they have 782 reviews and only 11 of those received 1 or 2 stars. MOST gave 5 stars.)

Some of you have been saying you really need to do something like this. If you are interested, read this. Don't quit reading it when it says what you can't eat though! It's just 30 days. Read the whole thing! :)

For those wondering what I ate today? Breakfast was a banana & 2 eggs. Lunch was a mix of grilled chicken, tomato & avocado! YUM! Snack was some cashews. Dinner hasn't happened yet but will likely be eggs again (time for a grocery run, y'all).

I also just finished an entire cup of BLACK COFFEE!!! It is hazelnut coffee, so. That helped. But wow. We are serious coffee lovers, but we decided to skip it for the 30 days because you can only have it black (or with coconut milk, which i don't have, and don't know if it would do the trick anyway!). We like ours with cream & sugar (for brad) or stevia (for me). But we have a THING where we drink coffee at home on Friday nights or Saturday mornings & we were DYING for some! (We drink it daily. But Fri nights/Sat mornings, we sit down & RELAX with our coffee. It's different.)

Sadly, Brad only had a few sips... he can't deal. But i actually drank the whole cup! Not bad!

(Still would go back to stevia in 26 days! Haha!)

Anyway, i am really excited to be 5 days strong on this little challenge. It's thrilling, really. Today I started to think things like, 'Man, a hamburger sounds SO GOOD right about now!" & "I wish i had some pizza." Haha! But i still wasn't ever tempted to go into the cafe at work or to get some coke in the cafeteria, instead of water. Not even once all week. It's like my mind is SET to do this & I'm going to DO IT!

So anyway. I'm excited.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Woohoo!! FIVE days?! Can you do a post on how you planned your meals for the week? Did you really plan and prep all of your food beforehand??

  2. Yay for a successful week! Bear in mind, that part of the experience is to train yourself not to crave sweet unatural things any more. Try not to think about when you finally get to have that stevia again. Consider learning to enjoy coffee in it's natural state or living without it altogether. My husband and have been living a similar low carb lifestyle for almost three years and I promise you it gets so much easier! Keep up the good work!

  3. I'm new to your blog (just lurkin' over from Erika's Something Beautiful), and have to say you are an INSPIRATION woman! I live in New Orleans and know how hard it must be with the most delicious decadent food in the US around us (shrimp and grits, anyone?) Your success really wants to make me try this. I agree with the commenter above: it's about training ourselves not to crave these things.
    My best friend from France craves salad for days after she has a burger. Her body's just not used to so much fat, so it's easy peasy for her to stay healthy.

    You GO GIRL, we're rooting for you!


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