Sunday, October 20, 2013

Whole30: Day 6

Six days! Six days, people!! A miracle. So thankful to God and the people He's put in my life to do this with me! Loving it! 

Today was weird. I woke up with ZERO appetite. (There are all kinda of side effects from detoxing like this, and loss of appetite for a day or so is one of them). I thought I should eat anyway, so Brad made eggs for me and I only ate a couple of bites. Then I had some (black) coffee. Next thing I know, it is noon and I'm not feeling hungry but I am WEAK and shaky. Felt awful. Yuck!! I ate a banana, which helped. 

I made some yummy burgers for lunch (no bun!), and they were really good! 

I went grocery shopping and got a little tempted to get some juice or something. I finally did get one of those Naked juices.  I read the ingredients and it was Whole30 compliant. Problem? It was NASTY!! I took one sip and threw the whole thing away! 

Tonight we had a girl's night at my friend Amanda's house. She had me, Ashley and Mandy over for dinner and to help her with a craft for her son's playroom. Anyway, Amanda is doing Whole30 with us but it's actually her 3rd time to do it and she eats paleo anyway. So she has gotten to where she has great recipes she uses regularly. She made us a DELICIOUS meal that was Whole30 approved! So good! Maybe the pic isn't that pretty, but trust me. It's veggies like eggplant, onions, tomatoes, etc! So good! And the other is a pesto spaghetti squash thing with chicken and bacon!! So yum!!!

Later she let me try some almond butter. Omg. YUM!! See!? This diet isn't so bad! (Now I need to try some recipes! Instead of doing baked chicken all the time!) 

(We are holding up #1's to say week one of whole30 was a success! Haha!)

When I got home I had a Lara bar. Target sells them! The only one I could have though is the blueberry one (out of the ones available at Target). 

All in all, a GREAT day!! And I feel awesome.


  1. Woohoo! So good that you have a support team this time and can still have fun with friends without temptation for horrible foods! Great job on week one!

  2. Way to go, Mel! Proud of you! (Btw, I love eating burgers without the bun! Also, idk why it made me think of this, but could you make taco salad? I have a pin for homemade taco seasoning. Just an idea.)

  3. So proud of you Mel!!! Keep up the great work!

  4. So glad you have friends down there to do this with you!!!!!!!!

  5. Love love ALmond Butter! It's just so dang expensive!!

  6. dude - seriously you're doing so awesome!! :)

  7. I went through a phase where I ate larabars all the time! I actually blogged about them so much they sent me a box of free samples. I don't eat them very much anymore, I've moved on the lunabars, but I've had the best luck at finding the most variety of them at Whole Foods.


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