Monday, October 21, 2013

You are my Sunshine...

I got nominated for The Sunshine Award by Aubrey at Two Hearts & One Dream and by Nina at Body Shop Girl. It's been awhile since I've just answered random questions in a blog post. So i am excited! Haha. Thanks, ladies! :) (Psst. Check out their blogs if you never have before!)

So there are rules to this but I'm not really a rule follower, so... I'm just gonna answer the questions. ;)

Here are my questions from Aubrey:

1) Why do you blog, and will you continue to blog when (I'm being positive for ALL of you!!) you get pregnant/have a baby(ies)?
I blog to chronicle my life and all that it entails: my marriage, my faith, my photography, family gatherings, get-togethers with friends, and yes, infertility. I started this blog just a few months after we got married, before I knew we would be dealing with infertility. And even when we started dealing with it, I wouldn't blog about it for the longest time. So yes, i will definitely continue to blog WHEN we have babies. :) 

2) What do you do for work (I'm always curious to know what everyone does all day long!)?
I work at a hospital, in radiology, where they do the mammograms. Oh, yes, people love to come see us! :) Basically i'm the girl you give your insurance card to and sign papers for. I really like my job, i started working there in May & it's a great place to work.  We are also very busy, so most days go by fast. 

3) What would you say is the best piece of advice for someone who is just beginning their journey in the land of infertility?
Find a support group and go to it. At one point, I got so low that I thought i had to go see someone or i would lose my MIND. Then i remembered a support group in my area, and I went. I was scared to death but that was the best decision I could have made for myself. I have now been four or five times in a row and really do not know what i would do without that group. It is such good therapy just to be in a room where everyone gets it, 100%. There is an instant understanding with people you have just met because they are all going through it, too. Seriously.

If you can't find a support group (and even if you can), get to blogging & find some ladies through blogging that are going through it. I have done that, too, and am so thankful! 

4) What would you say is the best piece of advice for someone who is not going through infertility, but who doesn't know what to say to someone who is?
Just be a friend to them. Let them know that you care, that you are so sorry they are having to go through this. That you love them and are praying for them. Hug them, if they are a huggy person! But whatever you do, DON'T say things along these lines:

-God has a plan. (They know that. But right now, to them, His plan sucks. And what if His plan doesn't include babies? Just... don't say that.)
-Just relax. (Seriously, if you say this to me I will punch you in the face! Everybody knows at least one person who relaxed and got pregnant. People who relax & get pregnant are not dealing with infertility. They just needed to relax. Infertility is a medical condition.)
-Y'all better hurry up!! Your chance at conceiving will decrease at 35! (REALLY, Einstein?!?! Thank you for that.)(Yes, i actually had someone tell me we better hurry up. As if we had not been doing just that for the last couple of years! ACK!!!)

I would also say to please have patience and love us through this journey. If we back away for awhile, try to understand. If we don't come to your baby shower, be okay with that. In fact, something someone said to me was, "Melissa, I totally understand if you cannot make my baby shower. I really do. If you can't be there, if you are having a bad day that day and it's too hard, please know that I won't be offended if you can't make it." This was from a close friend, who in any other circumstances of COURSE i would have been at her shower. It meant the world to me for her to say that. Of course it came from a friend who had dealt with infertility, so she knew just what to say. 

Side note: I am so blessed in that i do have a couple of friends who haven't been through infertility but who have said the right things and done the right things to help me. They are TRUE friends, who are there through thick and thin, and i just love them so much for being so kind to me during this season.

5) What is the item of clothing you want to buy most for this fall season? 
 I could really use some new sweaters. Or long sleeved shirts. I got boots last year & i have plenty of scarves! 

6) What is your biggest pet peeve?
I really hate it when people get offended easily or complain about stupid things. It's annoying. Grow up!

7) If you won the lottery, what would be the FIRST thing you'd do?
Pay off debt. Buy a house. Go on vacation! And you know... pay for fertility treatments &/or adoption.

8) What is your middle name?

9) Where would you live if you could move to anywhere you wanted in the whole wide world?
Santa Monica, California is BEAUTIFUL.  I wouldn't hate it. I have also had this desire for a long time to move to Charlotte NC or Savannah GA. But you said WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Gah. Somewhere in Europe. I don't know where, though, I've never been. 

10) How many siblings do you have - are you the youngest, middle child, oldest or an only child?
1 sister; i am the youngest.

And here are my questions from Nina:

1. What was your favorite cartoon as a child?
I loved Garfield & Friends.

2. How much did you weigh at birth? What was your length?
I think it was 7pounds, 6 ounces. Or 6 pounds, 7 ounces? I don't remember my length!

3. Tell us a random fact about yourself.

I get reallllll crazy at night. It doesn't matter how exhausted i am, the moment we get in the bed to go to sleep, i get really hyper and silly. Brad doesn't find this very amusing. 

4. Are you a dog or a cat person?
DOGS! :)

5. Would you rather live in a world where huge gummy bears walked freely or in a world where hover-boards existed?
Um? Huge gummy bears walking around sounds really scary, so I'm going to go with option 2.

6. Name a character from literature that you aspire to be like and why (you can’t choose from the bible).
I am having a really tough time with this one. I don't know!

 7. Aside from infertility, is your life as you imagined it?
Yes. I like my job, i LOVE my husband, i have a great church & family & friends. I thought we'd have a house by now, but you know... I'd live in this trailer for the rest of my life if it meant we could have kids. Geez.

8. What is your favorite part of your job?

I know this is bizarre, but there's a lot of paperwork. And i like paperwork. There's also a lot of people. And i like people too. :)

9. iPhone or Android?


10. Name one thing that you are looking forward to during motherhood and why.
 Oh, so many things. Where would I begin? Just, EVERYTHING.

That's it, guys!! Hope you enjoyed it. :)


  1. Hi! I just found your blog because I was looking for others who were doing the Whole30. I am really enjoying your posts. I just wanted to tell you that I have been through infertility and come out the other side, and I am pulling for you! I saw you mentioned Clomid in a previous post, and that is what got me my oldest daughter. I have PCOS and IR. Best wishes to you in your journey--you are going to make a great mom!


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