Friday, November 29, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Day.

I have not posted in awhile! Sorry about that. I need to get back to some regular blogging. :)

This is my most favorite time of year. November is my favorite month, and December is my second favorite. This whole season is the best! Last week it got pretty cold here ... down to the thirties (that is FREEZING in south Louisiana, people!). One day i left work and it was raining & windy & COLD, and i had a gigantic grin on my face. I love it. Not necessarily the cold rain, but the cold. And the whole season.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving (duh) & can you believe, i didn't take any pictures? Okay, i took exactly ONE picture with my phone, want to see?

There ya go. Exciting, right?

I was okay with not having the camera strapped to me for one event. Besides, where we had Thanksgiving yesterday, they're not the most happy-to-smile-for-a-picture people in the world. I mean they would have obliged, surely, but they wouldn't be sad if i didn't take pics either! (Note: I will regret this when i get back to working on my 2013 photo book!)

Yesterday's mishap was pretty great. I make Green Bean Casserole for Thanksgiving, Christmas, even family reunions - everyone thinks i make it the best & they always request - no, DEMAND! - that i am the one to make it (if only they knew...it's literally the easiest recipe EVER).  So i had finished baking snickerdoodles yesterday when i got to working on the Green Bean Casserole. I was mixing it all together & thinking, "Gosh, i've made this stuff so many times, i could probably do it in my sleep!"

30 minutes later (& we have gone from taking our sweet time getting ready to rushing around like crazy people), i run to take the casserole out of the oven & ... it kind of looked ... COLD. Yeah. I glance at the oven & - it was OFF. OFF! I didn't turn it ON! ACK! SO, back in the oven it went! Ha! (It made us late, but not TOO late, thankfully! Just about 15 minutes late!)

Ah... Memories. :)

Chris, Brad's cousin, started a tradition last year of going around the room & saying what we are thankful for. Last year was the first year we did it. We all gather to bless the meal before eating & that is when we do it. I have to say it is so special. Everyone - even those who are normally GOOFY (like me, for example - ha!) - gets serious for a moment & says what they are thankful for that year. And... it's not silly stuff like "my iPhone". It's typical stuff like "family & friends" but a lot of people also say what they are TRULY thankful for. I said i was thankful for Brad, for five wonderful years of marriage, and for my faith. I explained that through some tough times this year (read: Infertility, but i didn't say that - most of them don't know about that!) I have actually grown closer to God & for that i am thankful. That is the kind of stuff people shared. And it was moving, to hear people get real & say what God has done for them this year.

The food yesterday was PHENOMINAL. (No, i didn't eat paleo. I wasn't planning on it. But I have been struggling with getting back on it, since being done with Whole30, if I'm honest! More about that later!) Ham, Turkey, Dressing (my FAVE!), Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole, Rolls, Fruit Salad, brownies, snickerdoodles, pecan pie, & Louisiana satsumas off of Uncle Kenny's satsuma tree. Ha! This must be a tradition because we had satsumas last year. ;) They are the BEST ones I've ever tasted.

We stayed awhile & visited, and then headed to my sister-in-law's BRAND NEW HOME to check it out. It is GORGEOUS!!! Love the layout, the cabinets, the STORAGE (a dream!), the master bathroom, the closets, the windows! It's a cute little house & I want one just like it so bad! Haha! (One day!) But i am truly happy for her. She moves in next weekend!!

Then we all went to the in-laws for some coffee & cookies (like i needed THAT!). Had a great time.

So we are off of work today - YAY! I am NOT a black friday shopper - or an anytime shopper, really. Ha! I do have to do some shopping soon for a 6-year old little girl. My friend got a list of names of kids who are affected by cancer - either the child has cancer or their mom or dad does. I "adopted" a 6 year old girl & have to buy her some Christmas presents. So far i got a Hello Kitty shirt & a barbie coloring book. But I need help, people!! Any ideas for a toy for a 6 year old girl?! They said she is girly. So that's all I've got! Ha!

Have fun today!! I will be at home, listening to Christmas music & decorating for Christmas. And i REALLY want to rearrange the living room furniture. We will see if that happens! 

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! :)


  1. Yay for decorating for Christmas! I'm going to do that today, too... eventually. Glad you had great Thanksgiving!

  2. I have a 7 year old daughter. She is really into anything American Girl (books and they have the mini dolls for cheap on Amazon), anything sparkly like stickers/nail polish/lip gloss, and hair accessories. She also loves board games although I don't so she is always begging one of us to play with her. ;) One toy I keep hearing about over and over again for that age is the Rainbow Loom, so I think I am going to get one for her for Christmas.

  3. Glad you had a great day! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Six yr old girl... craft things. Coloring books. Bed tent. A really cool hat made by your bbff. Cute purse. Movie.

    Just thinking of things Liza likes. Go to www.fatbraintoys.com and look there for ideas and then see if you can find them in stores near you to save on the shipping.

  5. I kind of love that that's the only picture you took. :)

  6. Sounds like a marvelous Thanksgiving. I laugh at your freezing temps. I live up in Northern Minnesota and we are suppose to get a foot of snow by tomorrow. Too funny.


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