Monday, November 18, 2013

Our Weekend Getaway

We had a wonderful weekend in the little town of Franklin, Louisiana.

We left Thursday morning, which was our actual anniversary. We took the dog to my parents, stopped by a friend's house for a few things & then headed to breakfast at one of our favorites, Another Broken Egg. This was our first "treat" after Whole30, and we had already decided we were okay with eating NON-paleo things this weekend. And boy, did we go off paleo. DANG. I actually WANT to get back on track... i feel kind of disgusting.

So that was your warning. We ate JUNK. It was worth it. Or it will be, if we can get back on track! (We WILL. At least, I will! And he better! Haha!)

I got the Popeye's Scramble (scrambled eggs with bacon, spinach & monterrey jack cheese), which isn't the worst thing in the world, but it is served with potatoes!

I also REALLY wanted some hot chocolate. It was AMAZING.

And then our waitress gave us a free cinnamon roll, for our anniversary, which Brad said might be the best he's ever had. AMAZING. And as sinful as it looks.

And then we were on our way to Franklin!! :)

By some miracle, we did NOT get sick off the hot chocolate or cinnamon roll... not yet, anyway. Ha!

We got to Franklin around 2, and I really loved the place. Normally I would have picked a Bed & Breakfast in St. Francisville or Natchitoches, two cities in Louisiana known for their quaint B&B's, pretty scenery, and cute shops & restaurants. I chose this one because it was a really good deal on Groupon, and had excellent reviews.

I was really pleased with our room... I realize some of you actually HAVE rooms like this EVERYDAY (I'm not jealous or anything), but it was something special to us. :) The bed was VERY cozy, and the wood floors. I love the wood floors.

The bathroom was my favorite...specifically the bathTUB! Haha! I love hot baths... it's my favorite way to relax or unwind. And i rarely take showers. This is EXACTLY the tub i want! I enjoyed it immensely the entire weekend. Haha.

The front porch ranked right up there with that bathtub. Haha. We spent a lot of time there! The weather was PERFECT. In the 60's or 70's. Just a cool breeze, no humidity (until yesterday - which was fine because we were leaving), perfect for sitting on the porch all day long if we wanted!

The owner, Cheryl, was so sweet & hospitable. I loved that we didn't have to be downstairs for breakfast at a certain time, it could be 6 am or noon, it didn't matter. (It was typically 8 or 8:30 for us. We would get up early, I would take a bath, & Brad would go downstairs & get us coffee. Then we'd spend a little time on the porch, sipping coffee & reading. And then we would finally head down for breakfast!)

Breakfast was WONDERFUL.

 This was phenominal. Called Grillades & Grits, a southern dish, and it was DIVINE.

On Friday afternoon, some people came to the bed & breakfast & it got REALLY loud. I saw 5 children on the front lawn, ages 15 or so months up to about 10. I thought, OH GREAT! I mean, we have neighbor kids that are REALLY loud all the time & we never complain, but i kind of wanted a quiet weekend at the B&B. We eventually decided to head out for a few hours, and as we walked downstairs & out the front door, we saw two rooms were occupied - full of ladies curling hair, applying makeup, etc. It was clearly a wedding party getting ready for a wedding, and that's why there were 5 excited children there! :)

When we came back, they were still getting ready, except now some men had come to join them. Obviously they were at the B&B just for getting ready & pictures. Brad & I went back upstairs to our spot on the front porch. I kept peeking down to see men or little boys in really nice brown suits. Eventually i saw some ladies in bridesmaids dresses. And then i heard someone ordering people around (the photographer). ;) When i heard her order everyone to the back of the house, i looked down & saw the GROOM standing on the front steps with his hands behind his back, waiting... anyone guess what he was waiting on?!! I tapped Brad excitedly & said, "They're doing a First Look! They're doing a First Look!!!!!" Hahaha! They had NO idea we were up there, so we got to witness the bride tiptoe out of the B&B and cover his eyes from behind. And then him turn around & see her for the first time.

Then we quickly ran inside so they could have their private moment! Haha! But it was really fun to get to see!

Funny story... the B&B owner has two cats, Misty & Pebbles. Pebbles was beautiful, but to herself, and left us alone. Misty is quite mischievous! :) She hopped right in my trunk when we first arrived! Well, turns out she hopped on the back of the wedding party's limo & road with them on the top of it all the way to Centreville (about a half hour away!). The limo driver called the B&B & she had to drive out to Centreville to get the silly cat!! Well, guess what? As we were packing to leave, she came & plopped herself right on top of my car, right after we had finished loading up! Letting it be known that she would be joining us back to Baton Rouge!

Anyway, on Saturday we decided to get out & explore Morgan City, which is about a 20 minute drive from Franklin. We found 2 cute little shops that we visited, and an adorable coffee shop. And we walked along the boardwalk.

We drove around looking for a cute local place to eat, and found NOTHING. We had heard there were four nice restaurants inside the casino in Franklin, so we headed back to Franklin. Well, let's just say almost as soon as we walked in, we walked back out, the cigarette smoke in there was SO STRONG that it made me & Brad both sick almost instantly (headaches & nausea). DISGUSTING. (Both of us have eaten in a casino in Baton Rouge once before, years ago, but there the restaurants were so separate from the actual gambling/smoking, and it was very clean and smelled fine! Apparently not all casinos are like that! Haha!) We left & continued looking for somewhere else to eat. The neat  places in our brochure were either out of business or closed early on Saturdays. We ended up BACK at The Forest Restaurant, and I was not a happy camper! I wanted cute! And special! And different! But Franklin is full of fast food. Blah. Anyway, the Forest Restaurant has kind of ugly decor, but at least the food was good!

We LOVED the Bed & Breakfast itself... mainly because of the owner, her breakfasts, the beautiful bathtub!, and the porch. The Fairfax House is NICE! But in the future, I would probably choose a B&B in a different city. Still, we had a wonderfully relaxing getaway!

We finally made it home yesterday & I have another day off before I go back to work. :) Have really enjoyed this weekend!

Reunited & it feels so good! ;)


  1. so cute! I've never stayed at a B&B and want to so badly, yours look way huger than ours-- course that's what a plantation house will get ya. haha. we just mostly have old Victorian homes. all that food talk has me STARVING too! ack!

  2. Looks like a beautiful weekend!! That B&B reminds me of the house from Forrest Gump. I need to move south!! xoxo

  3. I'm glad you had a nice weekend (minus the restaurant dilemma). I've never really had a desire to stay at a B&B, but this kinda makes me want to.

  4. I can't get over the porch with all the rocking chairs! I could definitely enjoy a morning at a place like that!


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