Saturday, November 9, 2013

Whole30: Day 27!


Day 27!

Breakfast: 2 eggs & a banana

Lunch: Sauteed shrimp with green beans (Side Note: Green beans aren't paleo, but they are an exception to the rule on Whole30. However, this is only our second time to have them on the diet.)

Snack: cashews

Dinner: Dark Chocolate Advantedge EAS Protein Drink

Snack: black coffee (I'm actually liking it now!) 

Guess what's NOT whole30 approved? Yep. Dinner. It's not on plan, but i thought about it & went ahead & had it. It has zero sugar (not even fake sugar), and lots of vitamins. The reason it's not whole30 approved is it's processed (#1), and it's got soy in it which i am pretty sure is not Whole30 approved.

I had it because i am sick & my throat is killing me & that just sounded like it would feel really good on my throat.

I'm okay with it. Really. It's Day 27, and i am not going to allow it to make bigger cheats! If that's my only cheat, well. I won't be too hard on myself!

But my stomach does kind of hurt now, if you wanna know the truth!! Not sure why. The soy?

Thankfully we have no more of these! Haha.

Would really appreciate your prayers in the morning. I am leading worship, and of course the only time I get sick this entire year is the weekend I am leading worship. It actually physically hurt to sing earlier when we practiced. But tonight i am feeling a little better. 


  1. Praying! And only three days to go!!

  2. Interesting you had that reaction, soy is definitely a big no no on the Whole 30. I'm reading the book right now and it's pretty interesting reading all the science behind why all this stuff affects our bodies so much and why we lose weight when we eat this way (and why we gain weight or don't lose weight when we are eating low fat low calorie foods). The stuff on sugar blows my mind, I'm never eating any sort of artificial sugar ever again after reading what I've read (even splenda and stevia do crazy things to your body)!

    I think it's so hard not to make little exceptions as you get to the end. I'm on day 20 and dreaming of popcorn! I also used a spice with sugar in it a couple times because I figure it's such a small amount anyway

    I made my own almond milk this morning with dates and put a date in my coffee this morning. It's the first coffee I've enjoyed in 20 days! How I've missed it. I couldn't get over the black, I loved the creaminess of coffee.

    So exciting you're almost done! I'm excited to hear your progress!

  3. You are doing awesome!! I'm so proud of you. Hoping you made it through the weekend (and church) okay!!!


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