Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Day

This year we spent Christmas at my parent's house. Just the six of us - mom, dad, my sister, her husband, my husband & me! We had a wonderful day together! 

My mom loves to decorate the table all pretty for Christmas. It makes her happy. I think she did a beautiful job! (And yes, they moved the table to the living room. I guess it was kinda cramped in the kitchen!)

My parents often give cash for Christmas. We are all VERY MUCH OKAY with this!! (Especially this year, because we are trying to cover fertility expenses without touching our savings... for as long as we can, anyway!) Because giving cash can be kind of boring, my mom did it scavenger hunt style. Haha! She did this two years ago & it was so much fun. So she decided to do it again. I am telling you - it is a blast! Haha! Mom is pretty creative with her clues!

I am sure you can guess where she found this $50! (See next pic!)

The doggies had a nice time, too. Fievel was being really sweet. :)

Molly relaxing on her mom & dad (my parents). By the way, did i mention my dad RETIRED?!!? 38 years in the same place! Wow. The week before Christmas was his last week, EVER! So proud of him!

Michelle & Mike left around 4 or so... they had an early flight to IRELAND! Lucky! Brad & I stuck around for awhile. We watched Sleepless in Seattle with my parents... i love that movie. I watch it every Christmas.

So we had a really great time!! Hope you & yours had a great day, too. :)


  1. Merry Christmas! Still praying for you girl! That is such a fun way to get cash for Christmas which can be kinda boring :) cute! Praying for a wonderfully happy new year for you!!

  2. That is such a fun idea! I'm thinking I should do that for my parents next year. They are soooo hard to buy for and I think that would be fun for them. Hm...

    I'm so jealous your sis got to go to Ireland! I loooove that place!

    It sounds like you had a great Christmas. I hope your new year is full of wonderful, amazing, miraculous things! ;-)

  3. Oh my gosh-- what an adorable way to give cash!! So fun! And what a beautiful tablescape!!


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