Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

This year, we spent Christmas Eve day with Brad's family & Christmas Day with mine.

Christmas Eve morning was wonderful. I was off of work, and so was Brad, so we just enjoyed the morning together. We didn't have to be at his aunt & uncle's house until noon, and i didn't have to cook anything, so it was just a peaceful & quiet morning.

A little before noon, we headed to Brad's aunt & uncle's house. We enjoyed spending time with his family.

We went outside for a bit & i saw that the neighbor's horse was out. Decided to do a little practice photography. I am ALWAYS passing horses on my way home from anywhere, and i'm always wanting to take pictures of them! But you know... i don't want to just pull over & start photographing somebody's horse! But this one was outside just asking for it.... how could i resist! ;)


Got a few shots of the fam, too. Good times. :) This is Brad's cousin Chris & his girlfriend Brooke. I just met her at Thanksgiving - she's very nice. :)
 The sun is just a LITTLE bit in my eyes. Thus the squinting. No big deal! 

Brad's cousin Matt & his soon-to-be WIFE, Lynde. Can't wait til their wedding in March!

Me & Brad's cousin Brittany. I just LOVE her!! She is precious! 

After awhile we went home, freshened up & went to church! We were having a Christmas Eve service at 5, and i needed to arrive a little early to practice with Billy. He is our worship pastor. I was going to be singing Oh Holy Night & Billy was going to sing Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. We both were going to sing Oh Come All Ye Faithful.

I would like to say all of this went smoothly, but... not so much! Truth be told, it felt like a train wreck to me! Oh my goodness! I found out that it didn't sound as badly as I thought it did... sometimes what you hear on stage isn't what people hear in the congregation. So i'm glad it wasn't as bad as i thought! And hopefully Billy knows that & will let me sing again - HA! 

But anyway... the service was still nice. Lots of testimonies of God's goodness. Maybe next year i can give mine on how God brought us through infertility. Maybe? I am hoping so. 

It is always good to have Christmas Eve service. I never went to one until last year & now i hope to make it something we do each year. We sang, listened to scripture & testimonies, and took communion. Beautiful. 

Afterwards there were pics with two of our favorite people! Billy & Mandy!! 

I actually did have a more "normal" pic taken of the four of us, but it came out blurry. But this one is more fun anyway! Haha! :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve, too!


  1. Sounds like a perfect night. I hope next year will be a lot different, though :) xoxo

  2. Love the quirky, candid shots!

    Praying that your 2014 is full of blessings and dreams come true, my friend. :)


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