Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Good Food & a Photo Shoot | Mandeville, LA

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I went to Mandeville for the day to do a little photo shoot of my sister & her husband. And to have dinner with them. Brad came along.

This actually happened December 7th, 2013... and i have yet to blog about it. Wanted to do that before i got to blogging all of our Christmas happenings.

My sister & her hubby live in Mandeville, which is about an hour & a half from Baton Rouge, on your way to New Orleans. I absolutely love Mandeville. It's such a cute little town... a small one, but with PLENTY of places to shop & eat! And it's clean. I just like it a lot.

Anyway. First we went to this little area in Mandeville where Michelle had decided she wanted me to do their Christmas pics. It was COLD & she didn't want to freeze, so she said she wanted me to just snap some shots & be done with it. Haha! It ended up being about a ten minute photo shoot! Shortest, easiest shoot EVER! Haha.

These are my two favorites from the shoot.

Michael, Michelle & Bali. :)

I love this one of Michelle & Bali. :) 

Brad grabbed my camera for me & took one of me & my sister. I love it, even though my hair is not looking picture perfect! LOL. We will blame that on the wind! 
We look nothing alike, I know! Haha! It is funny, though, people say when they meet the other sister in person, they realize we are definitely sisters! Apparently our expressions & mannerisms are the same! We are nothing alike in every other area, though! But we love each other tons! :)

SO after our little photo shoot, we dropped Bali off at their house & went to eat lunch at a new place in Mandeville called Old Rail Brewing Company. Y'all. It was pretty much AMAZING.

It's a pub, so of course there was beer. I'm not a drinker at all, but i wanted to try them. Michael ordered a sampler, and.. yeah. They were all disgusting. But it was fun to taste them! Haha!

Michelle wasn't too fond of some of them either... as you can see... HAHA! 

But the food, y'all. The food was DIVINE!
That would be a gigantic hamburger. It was pretty much the best burger EVER. I got mac & cheese because our appetizers were fries. (Yeah, the diet was out the window!) The mac & cheese was the best I've ever had.

 It was just a few days before Michael's birthday, and a couple weeks before his graduation from grad school, so Brad & I brought Michael some goodies. :)

We had SUCH a great time!! Can't wait to go visit them again! And if you are ever in Mandeville, definitely go eat at Old Rail Brewing Company! All of us LOVED the food, and the service was excellent!


  1. Haha those beers look A.MAZING! Haha, as you can tell, I kinda like beer, especially brewery beer, but yes it is an acquired taste.

    Your photos are adorable!

  2. girl sounds like so much fun! (minus the beer tasting lol)
    & that food looks DELICIOUS!
    and your photos just keep getting better and better

  3. Oh wow! I may need to take a trip to Mandeville!


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