Saturday, December 14, 2013

Just a little crazy 'round here!

So, life is pretty busy right now. I am working full-time, doing photos, editing photos & running sound for A Christmas Carol. RIDICULOUS! Haha. Honestly, i was fine with doing all of this, but it's my first year as a photographer, and i didn't exactly plan it all out very well. I planned a bunch of shoots around A Christmas Carol rehearsals & performances, not taking into account that I would actually need to edit those photos. OOPS. Oh-well. Live & learn, right?! :) I definitely have some plans for how I will do things differently next year!

Thankfully, after a giant meltdown Thursday night, two things happened: 1, My work called me Friday and told me not to come in until noon because we were not busy at all. I was already on my way, but i turned around, went home & got to editing pictures! And 2, the forecast turned into HEAVY RAINS all day Saturday, so my two photo shoots that i scheduled were also canceled. I was/am truly thankful - i feel like God had mercy on me after my little meltdown & helped me out a bit!

Anyway, I realized I am so behind in sharing pictures of what has been going on lately!! And i mean...there's just no excuse in that! ;) Here's a little quick catch-up!

I made a 2012 photo book. (A little behind. Planned to do one for each year of marriage. And actually a lot behind because this is the only one I have done so far, and we got married in 2008. But still. It's a start!)

It's from Shutterfly and oh-my-goodness, am i pleased with it!

Only... I made one teeeeeny tiny mistake. Just a little one. Can you see it? 

Well, the thing is. That should say New Year's Eve. Not Christmas Eve. So, basically, i have a page of Christmas Eve, a page of Christmas Day & a page of Christmas Eve that should be New Year's Eve. Ahhhhhhh! I proofread & proofread, but i was looking for typos! I hate the phrase epic fail, but you know what? EPIC FAIL!


We went to a wedding - more about that later!

I went to my good friend Brittany's & took pics of her sweet family.

 We put up our Christmas tree.

I bought mistletoe. And then it took us about 590440 times to get a decent kissy pic under the mistletoe! (Why didn't we just hang it first?!)

I went to dinner with three new-ish friends of mine: Monika, Mary Claire & Jenni.

And, most recently, I started working on A Christmas Carol!! :)

 Me & Beth! (one of my favorites) 

Keith & Jack, our directors, attempting to organize a curtain call! :) (Which is kind of crazy. LOTS of actors, all wanting to take a bow! Haha!)

So it's been fun! And I cannot believe Christmas is right around the corner! :) Hope y'all are having a great December!


  1. Yikes! December always seems to be extra busy, but add editing pics in the mix and sheesh!! Glad your schedule opened up a bit.

  2. Hahaha it's great to celebrate Christmas Eve twice each year!! :) I did those photo books for the first two years of our marriage annnnndddd...not again since. Oops. Maybe one day (week) I'll have zillions of free hours and dollars and decide to catch up on the oh...other 5 years. ;)

  3. I love the idea of a yearly photo book! Definitely a fun tradition to have, and if I do the same with each year of marriage, I'm not too far behind since we've only been married one year!

  4. Reading about how busy you are makes me want to take a nap!

    I have looked EVERYWHERE for mistletoe but can not find it. :( Had to settle for a kissing ball. Just not the same.

  5. Wow! You are one busy lady! Planning time to edit photos is one lesson I've learned this year too. Gotta make time to do that! :) Glad you had some time to get caught up (at least I hope).

  6. Woo! Glad for an update about YOU :) I LOVE Shutterfly books. I make one each year too! I save rewards to various sites and use them towards Shutterfly rewards to get the 12x12 book. Its AMAZING! Merry Christmas!


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