Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The T. Family | State Capitol Gardens | Downtown Baton Rouge

These were taken in downtown Baton Rouge, and IT. WAS. FREEZING! Haha! It was November 24th (I'm just a little behind in blogging!), and my first COLD photo shoot ever. (It was a little chilly for this shoot, the day before, but nothing in comparison!) Their little man never complained about the cold either. They were all such troopers!!

I had never met Jessie & Ryan before; they were referred to me from another family. I am really glad i got the chance to meet them - they were so sweet! And it goes without saying that i LOVED their son, Andrew. I kind of feel that way about all little ones. (I mean... you know... unless they are being terrors!!!)

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  1. I love the one of him on the blanket with all the ornaments around him!

    And yes, it has been ridiculously cold lately. I'm completely over this cold weather. Although if it has to stay, can we at least get some snow to go with it?


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