Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Y. Family | State Capitol Gardens | Baton Rouge, LA

You may remember the last time I took pictures of this family. It was back in June, and I had only been doing photo shoots a few months. They are good friends of ours, so Brad joined me so we could all go to dinner afterwards.

Brad tagged along for this one too. I got some more pics, and then we all went to dinner again! I think this shall be a tradition! ;) This time, Natalie didn't go to dinner with us. She was sleepy, so Adam & Katie took her to her grandparents. Then they met up with us at Bistro Byronz for dinner. Fun times!

Love this family!




(This is what southerners do when they want "wintery" looking pics for Christmas cards. They put on coats for pics even in 80 degree weather! HA!)

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  1. hahaha... you guys put coats ON in 80 degree weather and we have people taking them OFF in freezing weather. :)


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