Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Living Room Redo: part two {the entertainment center}

Oh my goodness. Y'all are WONDERFUL!

I had so much fun today reading your responses on my survey. I am so excited to start this! I have been thinking about doing a blog post like this for awhile now, but never got around to it. Now I am wishing I had a long time ago!

If you missed that post, you might want to check it out before moving on. And feel free to vote as well! 

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I am going to break this up a bit. Right now, we shall discuss the Entertainment Center. AND the wood paneling. Since it kind of goes together. :)

For those just tuning in... the little table with the space heater was just there because i was freezing... then i got hot so it got moved... it doesn't normally stay in the living room. Haha. Ignore it. The issue is the stupid entertainment center & horrible cords everywhere! AND the wood paneling. You can see a little of it on either side of the entertainment center. It goes all along that entire wall.

So far, 17 people have filled out my survey. Here are the responses! (Sorry it is blurry!)

I got 6 comments under "OTHER" & here they are. :) My reply is bold & italicized.

1. Have you tried drilling holes on the inside to run the wires through? You could even go through the wall to the other side if you need to for plugs and install a face plate to cover the hole. I haven't tried that but definitely have thought about it! Really need to do that. The cords are driving me insane!

2. Make a it a bookshelf unit with accent pieces and put the tv elsewhere! This is not a bad idea. That TV almost NEVER comes on, and we are definitely running out of shelf space for all our books! But how to make it a bookshelf unit??
3. Can you drill small holes in the side to put the cords through so that they don't all have to hang down the front? I'd say drill them out the back like we do but that won't work for you.
That is definitely a possibility! 

4. The cords alone would make me wanna tear it down. Yep! ME TOO! Kills me! 

5. I don't think it's adding any value to the room AND you hate it. It's probably too small for a lot of TVs now, so it seems like when you go to sell, that could be a problem for potential buyers...their TVs may not fit in it. Tear it down! AGREED! 100%! 
6. Would it be a huge pain to tear down? If you do can you cover that spot with a different tv stand so you can hide cords and whatnot? I really don't have any idea how to go about tearing it down. That is a question for my father-in-law! We could figure it out I'm sure. 

4 "OTHER" Comments:
1. Just so you know, you can't replace wall panels in trailers anymore (you used to be able to but not any more, I have no idea why). I found trailer walls to be very non-resilient, so you might want to be careful there. : ) Didn't know that! Thanks, Sarah! LOL 

2. I would paint the area behind the entertainment center to match the walls. And then either also paint all the woodwork too (either the same color or complimentary to the top half) or tear it all down. If you keep the woodwork though, definitely paint it. The walls next to Brad's chair don't have the woodwork and look fine so I don't think it would stand out too much if you tore the entertainment center down, painted it, and kept the woodwork. Plus, you're going to have to put your TV somewhere so you might end up putting a new piece of furniture there anyway. Who wrote this? I feel like it sounds like Ashley V or Lindsay??? LOL. I actually am leaning towards doing exactly this! I definitely want to paint all the woodwork the same color as the top half or in a complimentary color. My only hesitation is tearing down the entertainment center, but i REALLY want to! Haha!

3. I think it could be really pretty repainted! Ashley M? This is hilarious, trying to figure out who wrote what. ;)

4. I would paint all of your wood around the room and maybe a fresh color on the wall..?!? Mandy? LOL. This is fun. I agree, though! 

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Here is what I am thinking. 

I am thinking I will paint all the woodwork around that wall, and give the already painted walls a fresh coat. I am not sure if i will do all the same color or a complimentary one. 

My first option is to TEAR DOWN that entertainment center. BUT i have to be really careful. I don't know if i can do it without hurting the walls. Brad's dad could definitely give me an opinion on this. So I am going to see if i can find out if I could do that. I REALLY would like to! 

If not, it will be painted. For sure. :) And holes drilled for the cords! Even if i have to do that myself! Haha. 

Thanks again for all your help! We will talk about the armoire next! ;)

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 Um... edited to add this pic i just saw on Pinterest!! Hmmm....


  1. That comment wasn't me, but I agree with whoever wrote it! :)
    I'm considering making a special trip to BR to help with this demolition/paint job...this sounds like FUN! If you figure out that you can't tear down the entertainment center, I love the Pinterest idea. It would repurpose the space altogether into something that you could actually use. I can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. LoL...yeah that was mine...I have to admit, after seeing the photo you added from Pinterest, I really love it...painting the inside of it a color and then painting the rest another...it would probably look really good...and yeah you could make it a bookshelf instead of holding the tv...It's an idea... :) whatever you do will be great I'm sure...!!!

  3. FYI...you can still replace the wall if it gets damaged. It's just more work since you have to sheetrock it instead of just putting up a new panel. Can def still do it!


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