Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Living Room Redo: part three {the armoire}

And now for the armoire results. DRUM ROLL, please!!!!

{First, I just checked the survey & i now have 21 responses. 13 say to tear the entertainment center down. YES INDEED. HA!}

ARMOIRE RESULTS (again - sorry for the blur!) 

 The overwhelming majority of you think i should repaint it & replace the hardware.

I am kind of sad about this, even though i agree with you! Haha. It just seems like it would be a gigantic pain in the rear end!!! I mean, i don't love spending time painting. I just want it to be DONE! Haha! I am definitely wanting to repaint the room including the wood paneling. I even want to paint my kitchen table! But this armoire? Seems like a PAIN IN THE BOOTAY!

Here are your responses under "OTHER". My responses to yours in bold italics. :) (P.S. I feel like you want to know what others said. If you really don't care, just skip to the bottom and see what i found!!!!) :)

1. White! Somebody said white for the entertainment center, too, but not sure how that would look in the living room with dark couch & furniture. However, it might work for the armoire since it will be moved to a different room anyway! 

2. I really like the chalk paint look with a wax finish. Don't know how to do it, but I like the look! I do love the chalk paint! Didn't think about it on a hutch!
3. Work around the carpet- my mom lives in a doublewide with the exact same wallpaper and flooring. annnnnd the stupid bathroom carpet. She went with a lavender/hunter green/burgundy color palette that made the carpet look intentional! HAHA! Agreed! :)
4. I agree with your mom that it just needs a facelift! I'm a fan of painting furniture white. I noticed you have a lot of dark wood, so we probably do not have the same taste when it comes to paint colors. Oh, i do prefer lighter paint colors. Our room is a very light blue & our bath is a verrrry light sage green. This room is a light buttery color but between the carpet, chairs, couch & wood paneling - well, everything seems darker. I don't know why we didn't think of painting the wood paneling when i first moved in! I love the bookshelf but would love that dark wood paired with lighter colors. You know? I did red accents to kind of coordinate with the couches & to incorporate that oil painting. ANYWAY. Just wanted to clarify! Another cool idea is to try painting it with chalk paint. That seems to be the hot DIY trend right now. New hardware would do wonders to update it too!! I would also see how hard it would be to take the little thing (bar?) that goes across the bottom center shelf off. And how hard it would be to pull the long wavy piece of wood that goes across the bottom of the shelves off? I am with you on both of these! Definitely would want both of those removed if possible. I think the spindle thingie would be easy. Not sure about the other. I don't know what those two pieces would be called but taking them off might update it a little too. Of course, for now I'd just simply move it to another room and hang on to it until you know for sure if you will use it in your new house. If you do decide to use it then do these updates on it when that time comes. I agree... been thinking that is what i will do. For now i am going to focus on painting the walls & the paneling & either tearing down or painting the entertainment center. Thanks for your long comment! :) :)

5. I think black with a distressed look can go a long way, or white. It depends on the room it is going in :) I really think you will regret giving it away, because it can be a great piece with some updating and in the right space!

6. Depending on color scheme..I have lots of ideas!!! They have the cutest hardware at Hobby Lobby! Do you like the distressed look? Yes, i do! Sometimes i think it looks overdone? But if it's done right, i like it! Hope that made sense! Color scheme: I think i want to keep my red accents & just lighten up the room with paint... not sure what color. This is Ashley M, isn't it?! :)

7. anne sloan chalk paint- white, and spray paint the fixtures oil rubbed bronze oooh... yes. :) 

8. I would repaint it with a soft color or soft white-ish color. Not glossy though, more like a matte finish. Get some cute hardware from Hobby Lobby. I would take off that thing that's in the middle - that bar with the spindles will "date" it, so I'd get rid of that if you can. Without a doubt, that might be the first thing i would do. LOL! If you know someone who does wood-working, I would see if there is a way to smooth out the curvy lines? Brad's uncle & dad could help with this maybe. If not, it's not going to ruin your updates, but if it is possible, it would help it! Also, I'm guessing that you turned off some lights so that they didn't create glare in the pictures, but if not, add as much light in there as possible. When I was decorating my house, the main thing that I kept reading over & over was LIGHT! Adding light, especially since you have a dark floor will help take your eye away from the dark floor. I have heard this & I agree!! :) The lights were on, actually. It's just so dark! Check out some decorating magazines & sites like Ballard Designs, Frontgate, etc. Light airy colors are all the rage right now! Also, did I show you the before & after of the coffe table that I re-did? No, you didn't... i want to see!!! It was super easy, and I have to suggest that if possible, use spray paint. I am not a painter, nor do I have the patience to paint things "properly". We spray painted the table, then I wanted the color to be different so we used a brush with another color. I was wishing that I had left it alone bc using a brush was so much harder! I am all about repurposing furniture these days! I wish I lived close to you bc I would so help you with this project! Ok, this is long...oops! :) I need you to come help me!!! Would be fun! I kind of want to paint my kitchen table too. We could spray paint it!!! :) (I know this is Lindsay! Ha!)

9. i would distress it like your mom did that green cabinet in her kitchen. i think it's cute! if you get rid of it.. i may want it. lol Haha, Amanda! A possibility! I am now thinking of keeping it again! Obviously i can't make up my mind! I love how my mom did her green cabinet!

10. I'm thinking something light...a cream or off-white? But not if the walls are light, that could clash. But if you repaint the walls...then maybe. Or maybe a gray? See this is where i am lost. What color to paint this vs. the walls. Ack!

11. I think that armoire has great potential! I love projects like that and maybe if it was updated you'd like it more? I think it could be a fantastic accent piece! I personally love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for projects like that. It's a lot of work but the end result is awesome!I would definitely like it more if it was updated. :) And it's great storage space for us! Just so little space in this trailer that i kind of want to throw it out! LOL. But i may not. Y'all are convincing me to keep it! ;) Definitely have to check out this Annie Sloan chalk paint! You are the third one to say that!

Y'all... before i came to write this post, i was starting to think of getting rid of it again. I think re-reading your comments has made me rethink it!! If i do keep it, it will have to go in the extra room for now. Here are two potential ideas for it:

Not exactly, of course, but you get the point! :) I like these colors & the hardware.

Oh wow. This hutch above has the same curvy stuff that i didn't like in my own hutch! See under the shelf part??? It doesn't look bad painted white!!

I might go with a white, y'all. Hmmm. :)

In our kitchen we do have a cute piece that is an ivory color. Wonder if i could match it to that...

Just thinking aloud!

For now i want to focus on the walls & entertainment center. But soon... I think this thing might get painted after all! :)


 I mean, seriously. ASHLEY M, when you coming to help me with this!!!!?!?! :) :) :)

Y'all, it even has that spindly thing!

I think i just convinced myself.

I'm so excited! HAHA!

Thanks again for all of your help! Now just pray i get the money to use towards these projects! HA!



  1. Count me in for help!!! I'm clueless but willing! Haha!!

  2. DANG that before and after pictures is amaaaazing and you can TOTALLY do it!!!! Can't wait to see your 'after' shots!!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness I love that last picture of that they painted white! That's exactly the same as my bedroom furniture (that used to be my parents). I've been wanting to redo them but the big hardware is so hard to replace because it's weird sizes...I'd never thought to paint them! Duh! I'm now newly inspired for my bedroom!!!

    As far as what color to choose, have you thought about matching it to your kitchen table if you redo that too? Just a thought...not sure if you have space to incorporate that into your kitchen area. It would make a nice china hutch for a dining room. Just my 2 cents! (You know how it PAINS me to add my thoughts!!) ;)

  4. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with it!


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