Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Living Room Woes: HELP NEEDED {part one}

I am having a serious itch to redo some things in our living room.


The problem with our living room (& every single room in our house) is ugly flooring. Ugly green carpet in every room, except ugly fonky linoleum (thankfully NOT green) in the kitchen & 1 bathroom. (Oh, yes. The other bathroom has the green carpet. Tell me, who puts carpet in a BATHROOM!?)


We live in a trailer. While we pay a mortgage & not rent, we don't do much updating because trailers, unfortunately, do not increase in value. They only go down, like cars, which is dumb because they are truly more like houses! And honestly, wouldn't you pay more for a trailer with pretty wood floors than one with ugly green carpet? I thought so, too.

But any money we could use for new flooring would be better spent towards a down payment on a house. Bummer. And honestly, it would have been worth it if we had put the floors in 5 years ago, but we didn't. And the closer it gets to getting out of here, the more we want all monies to go to future house.

The plan is to get out of this trailer or at least out of this neighborhood ASAP, and even though i NEVER thought we would be here FIVE WHOLE YEARS, i CAN say that our mortgage is getting much closer to being paid off! And i can ASSURE you that we will NOT be here another five years. (I feel like i am jinxing myself! Good thing i am not superstitious!) We will likely be here another 2 years OR LESS. Which makes me VERY, VERY HAPPY.

Still. There are days when i feel like my skin is crawling because there are far too many things that BOTHER ME, from a decorator's standpoint. Or even a female's standpoint. (Side note: NONE of these things bother my husband, not even a little tiny bit. I don't even think he would notice if i didn't point them out!)

I am going to show you some pictures... but first, some rules/disclaimers:
1 - Though shalt not judge green carpet or ugly furniture.
2 - Though shalt ignore things like visible cables and cords (MY PEEVE! Don't get me started!).
3 - Don't worry about the current placement of pictures/lamps/side tables. I moved the couch/chair recently but am not sure about it yet. So i will wait to move the accent pieces once i decide what we are doing in here.
4 - I do realize ugly green carpet is a first-world problem. I do have ACTUAL REAL problems that i have no control over. This is something i have (a little) control over. And thinking about this keeps my mind off of other things. Good distraction.
5 - Please share your ideas/wisdom/advice/what you would do if this were your living room!


PROBLEM #1 - the built-in entertainment center.
I hate that entertainment center. I really do. You may not think it's that bad, but it just doesn't work in this room. And i just don't like it. At all. I guess mainly because it looks so cluttered. There is no place to put cords. It takes up unnecessary space. Etc etc.

(Again, little side table with heater can be moved. Not concerned about that right now!) I have considered tearing it down, but when we peeked behind it, we saw that the "woodwork" (the bottom half of the wall) does not go behind the entertainment center. It is also not painted back there but that's an easy fix. But if we tore it down, it would have that "woodwork" all around the living room except that spot! I mean, i guess we would just put another piece of furniture there to hide that? I don't know. 

PROBLEM #2: the outdated armoire.

Again, ignore all that stuff previously mentioned in the disclaimers, and also that my new computer is on a TV tray! My new computer desk comes in TOMORROW! :)

But this armoire. I don't like it.

I have never liked it, except that it was Brad's granny's & she gave it to him. I also love the storage space. But the piece is big and now that i am getting a desk, I want it out or it will be too cluttered in here. I was going to give it away, which Brad is okay with, but my mom says she thinks i will regret it if i do. That all it needs is paint & new hardware & stuff like that. But i don't know. It's ginormous. And i might say i will update it for 12 years before i actually do.

My friend has someone who may give me his armoire, in which case i WILL get rid of this AND that corner entertainment center! Honestly, if he gives me his armoire, that will solve so many problems in here! But he may not. He doesn't know me and it is a NICE piece of furniture!! I can't afford to buy it. So i don't know. In case i don't get it, I need to know if you would get rid of this one, or if you have a vision for it that i am not seeing. :)

Just to be clear... even if i keep this armoire, it will not stay in this room. But once we move, it might have a place in the living room again. IF it's all cute & updated.

This is the other side of the room. Least favorite thing is Brad's chair, but really. We have green carpet. I am just not going to worry about this green chair right now.

It won't go in a new house though. Unless it's straight to his man cave! ;) 

The shelves are from Ashley Furniture & are the same color wood as the desk i am getting. I love them. The hutch is a hand-me-down from my mom, and i love it. It may go in another room when we have a house, but for now it goes here.

So there you go. Main things I need advice on: entertainment center & outdated armoire!

I thought this post would be a good time to bring back the old survey! Had such a great response on that the last time! :) So please, take the survey. Or leave a comment. Or both!

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Thank you for your help!! :) I am excited to see what you think!


  1. Okay I filled out your survey! I totally think you should update that armoire! I think that piece has potential and you might like it more if it's updated and has new hardware.

  2. This was so much fun!! I'm with your mom- don't dare get rid of that armoire. You'll wish you had it some day!!! I'm all for a good update, though!

  3. I filled out the survey, but I don't know if it will tell you that the comments were from me? I'm guessing you'll be able to tell by the writing, but just in case - mine talks about the coffee table that I repurposed. Repaint that armoire & get fun hardware!

  4. Wow! That was a LOT of info!! HAHAH ;)
    Anyway, I HATE clutter so I understand your dilemma with small space/large furniture. If you absolutely can't stand the armoire---get rid of it instead of HATING it there for 2 more years! Yes, you may be able to use it in your future home, but you also may not. If it will relieve stress in your life, LET IT GO! I think it could be cute updated, but I also think all that "shabby chic", "turning old things cute" is very trendy right now & who's to say that will still be popular when you do have a spot for it. (If you want to get rid of it, "Junk in the Trunk" is in Central & she would totally BUY it from you! Don't give it away! People will pay!!!!)

    As for the entertainment center, if you can get another piece that hides the wall that works better for you, go for it! It may be your only option until you move though if what you want costs too much. And I totally agree with you about not putting to much money into a trailer. Unfortunately you won't get your money out of it but it really makes NO sense! Just do the cheaper things to make you happier in that room until y'all move. And personally I think de-cluttering and getting rid of things that don't fit in smaller spaces is the best way to "update & freshen up" a room!

  5. I filled out your survey. :) I am far from a decorating expert... even far from a decorating amateur but I'm hoping I was able to give some simple, practical ideas that don't really involve decorating ha.

  6. I figured I might as well write a comment too. :)
    My random thoughts - take them for what they are worth or just throw them away hahahah.
    + I would keep the shelve, just because demoing it would be A LOT of work, mess, and leave you with a huge hole (and potential damage to the walls if it is anchored.
    + I would paint it white, and while you were painting it white I would paint your lovely board + batten on the lower half white (as well as the trim), it would brighten up the room like WOAH and if you're really wanting an accent color you could pain the top half a new color. I also think it would help divert your eyes away from the green carpet AND liven up the space and make it feel more open and airy.
    + the armoir - unless you are IN LOVE with the curves and lines of the piece, get rid of it. there is no use in keeping something you're not in love with if it is taking up a lot of space. Could you use it down the line in a house - well yes - but if you don't love it in the trailer you're not going to love it within a house.
    + LOVE the shelves & hutch! I could totally see them being used in a new home (that hutch is seriously gorgeous, man the right room with the right accents it would pop even more than it does!)

  7. I, too, am far from a decorator. But I do like things simple. So the entertainment center would have to go. Not sure what kind of mess you have to work with once it is out of there, but, not being a big fan of wainscoating (the wood paneling along the bottom) I would consider ripping it all out and working from there. I like the armoir but it looks too big for the space. I would sell it.

    I feel your pain on the green carpet. There was green carpet in our living room that we lived with for years. So glad to see it go and replaced with hard floors. Unfortunately, you seem stuck with the carpet. :(

  8. I'm no decorator and choosing things for my house sends me into a panic! However I had fun thinking about your options! Haha! Love the armiore too...you've got tons of possibilities! I can't wait to see what you decide.


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