Monday, January 6, 2014

The K. Family | Baton Rouge, LA

So, I don't know if you remember my friend Brittany, who blogs here, but I recently got the opportunity to photograph her & her family. I had a wonderful time.

Brittany's sister, Angela, who I met through Brittany but then got to know better through Angela's blog, was in America with her twins for the first time. (Her husband is in the Air Force & they are stationed in another country.) Brittany's mom had a party planned for friends & family to come say hi to Angela and her hubby, meet the twins, & celebrate their first birthdays. She hired me to come over and photograph the party. She had me come early to do a family photo session in their backyard.

I had a really great day with them. They are kind & so welcoming. And a lot of fun. :) Here are some of my favorite pics from their session.

The three sisters: Brittany, Angela & Shelley (left to right). 

Their mom & dad...

Shelley with her two kiddos...

Colby & Angela with Annabelle & Charlotte... This pic makes me smile. This couple is now on the other side of infertility. :) 

This next one cracks me UP!! I can't believe i got this... but i love it. The things aunties will do to get their nieces to smile for the camera! :)

And last of all, a pic of the entire family. 


  1. Gorgeous family! Love the photos, as always. :-)

  2. You did such a great job, Melissa! xoxo


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