Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sleet Days in Louisiana

So, last week was crazy. CRAZY! I hear that it was crazy all over the continent, so here is how it all went down for us, in south Louisiana.

Two Fridays ago, a lot of schools & offices closed due to some winter weather. (You have to understand how weird it sounds to hear the word "winter" being said about weather here in Louisiana. It is just... really strange! We don't usually get winter!) On Thursday evening, while my husband was anxiously waiting to hear that his office would be closed on Friday, I didn't even get my hopes up. I work at a hospital. I figured we would be open, no matter the weather. This was my car on Friday morning before I left for work...

For some UNKNOWN reason, i took the interstate to work that day. The reason this is strange is because THE INTERSTATE WAS CLOSED! Seriously, i don't know what got into me. I knew it was closed. I planned to take back roads to work. However, out of habit, i headed straight for the interstate & without even giving it any thought, i just got on it! Just kind of bypassed the "road closed" signs. And, while i wouldn't do this again (& didn't when given the chance!), I have to say... BEST. DECISION. EVER!

Even though i really didn't DECIDE to do it. I kind of got on the interstate & thought... wait... this is closed...what am i doing?!?! (I am not kidding. This is actually how my brain works sometimes.)

The reason i say "best decision ever" is because Louisiana is FULL of crazy drivers, drivers who are crazy even when it is 75 degrees & sunny! They do NOT know how to drive in sleet or snow or even rain, really. By taking the interstate, i was avoiding all of them.

See? I AM THE ONLY CAR!!!!! For miles! I didn't even see a police car! 

(Yes, i took a picture while driving. Sorry.) (An officer is going to find my blog & mail me a ticket, aren't they? Crap.)

Anyway. That was my adventure on Friday. Ha! So imagine my surprise when i got to work on Monday & there was talk of us CLOSING! Not the entire hospital, obviously. They might need to keep the ER & ICU & places like that open. But non-essential areas (outpatient/elective procedures, etc) would be closed. And that means ME, because i work in mammography. So, glory hallelujah! We would be CLOSED Tuesday & Wednesday! YES!

The prediction was for a snow STORM, which is just... ridiculous sounding. Snow STORM? REALLY?! I have seen snow maybe 6 times in my life... but a storm was never involved. It's just strange hearing people using the words winter, snow, storm, & louisiana all in the same breath!! It just didn't make sense. I was assuming i would be working, so i was kind of a scrooge about the whole thing. I did NOT want to drive in that mess again! But suddenly we were closing, i had the days off, and i was VERY giddy! Oh please let it snow, please oh please oh PLEASE! 

On Tuesday morning I had a doctor's appointment. (You don't just cancel fertility appointments - snow prediction or not!) We hoped we would be able to make it back home before it started getting too bad out there, and we did. It was raining and COLD, but that's it. Whew! But soon after we got home it started sleeting & it sleeted ALL DAY LONG!! I think this was as unusual to me as seeing snow! I mean, it was crazy to me that SLEET can accumulate & stick to the ground just like snow can!! I know that should be common sense, but i never really thought about it. The only times it has ever gotten cold enough to sleet here, it would either stop sleeting or turn to snow. I don't remember it ever sleeting or snowing all day long like it did on Tuesday.


Brad assured me that the temp would keep dropping as it got to be evening, and that it would turn into snow when it did. Well, the temp kept dropping but the sleet stopped. So we didn't get any snow. Sad-face.

 My friend Laura made my hat! Check out Wix-Works! :)

We were still off Wednesday. Even though the snow/sleet had stopped, the roads were ICE. I have never seen anything like it, ever!! I mean, just SHEETS of ICE! I walked around at one point & took a few pics in our neighborhood. By that point, most of it had melted though. Not much to see.

Thursday we were already scheduled off for my IUI, so wow. I somehow got THREE days off in the middle of a work week! Three days home with my hubby! It was LOVELY! Three days off included a lot of -


I made omelettes Tuesday & Wednesday & cooked dinner, too! This is kind of a miracle for me... i never have time to cook in the mornings & normally am too tired to cook in the evenings! I know - bad wife!! Hubby ate good this week though! :)

This book, highly recommended to me by Erika... LOVING it so far!! :)

SCANDAL. Oh my goodness. My new favorite show, HANDS DOWN! I had no idea. I thought it was just about a woman having an affair with the president & that is just... bleh, to me. But it is about SO MUCH MORE. Highly suspenseful! So many twists & turns! I got Brad to watch it with me & he is hooked. Seriously... this is some of the most brilliant acting & writing i have seen! LOVE IT!

And this sweet puppy snuggled at my feet. He LOVED us being home!! :)

A wonderful time was had by all! Of course, Friday it was back to 60 degrees, and yesterday it was up to 70 degrees, I am not even kidding you! The ice has all melted & everything is back to normal. And I'm loving it! It feels awesome outside! I have been sick these past couple of days... & have missed out on some fun things i had planned for yesterday. Kinda bummed about that! But I am starting to feel better, I think!

Hope you all stayed warm last week, as much as possible anyway!

Happy February!


  1. Jealous of your now 60-70 degree weather! :)

  2. I have definitely never seen sleet accumulate, either...that is insane!! Glad you are enjoying Bernadette, and YES-- Scandal is amaaaaazing!!! I also thought it was just going to be kinda trashy, but it is SO good!!

  3. We had some CRAZY weather here in Alabama too. My poor mother was stranded on the interstate for hours before a very kind couple took her in and let her stay at their house for 3 days! STRANGERS! It was just unbelievable here. Glad you got a few relaxing days off work. :) Praying for you!!

  4. I can't believe you managed to get on the interstate on Friday! But at least it all worked out.

    And I keep hearing great things about Where'd You Go Bernadette. It's actually our book club book next month, so hopefully I'll enjoy it just as much as everyone else seems to.


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