Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Weekend {bonfires, painted nails & theatre}

I had a pretty great weekend.

On Friday after work, we headed to a bonfire. Y'all. I don't know what it is, but i have been REALLY wanting to go to a bonfire lately. The subject always comes up on New Year's Eve, because I always say that when we have a house we are going to host the New Year's Eve parties every year, complete with a big bonfire. Haha. But lately I've really been dying to go to one, for whatever reason! I haven't been to one since 2007! In fact, i had to ask Brad if he likes marshmallows. I didn't even know if my own husband likes marshmallows! (He doesn't, by the way. Not even roasted.) 

So last Sunday, my friend's mom, Stacy, who goes to my church, invited everyone over Friday night for a bonfire at their new house. I was super excited & I am so glad we went! It was the perfect Friday evening. PERFECT.

We had so much fun. Lots of friends & family came, mostly from our church. TONS of delicious food...hot dogs, chili, all kinds of chips and dips and desserts and drinks. And of course, stuff to make s'mores. Definitely not a healthy night! But a great time was had by all. There were plenty of lawn chairs and the weather was chilly but not TOO chilly!! There was the sweetest dog there, a lab mix, that i loved. He was so friendly & sweet! The bonfire was HUGE!!! At one point we ditched the lawn chairs for a quilt i brought from home. Our pastor's son, Alex, played the guitar and we all just chatted and sang and looked at the stars by the bonfire.

 me, brad & my dad 

The bonfire!

The light from the fire lighting up the whole place! Gorgeous! 

 Me & one of my besties, Amanda. The bonfire was at her mom's house. 

 Me & my mom. Of course the normal pic of me came out blurry!

Yes, i did have roasted marshmallows! It's the only way i like them & it's been years!

I debated bringing my good camera, & decided against it. I knew i wouldn't be taking many pics & didn't want to lug my big camera. But this pic is so cute... i could've at least used the flash on my phone! Anyway, here are some ladies from my church that i love so dearly. Left to right is our pastor's wife, Mary Ann, Teddie, Sandra, Jackie & Nita. Awesome women of God right here!

GREAT NIGHT. Loved it.

On Saturday, after some cleaning & errands, my friend Mandy came over! LOVE HER! I gave her a few tips for editing photos & she painted my nails. :) YAY!

2 weeks since i have bitten my nails!! I can't even tell you the last time i had color on my nails!! Makes me happy, happy! :)

Side note: Did you notice i have the same shirt on Friday & Saturday, just in different colors? I can't help it! Loved the shirt so much i bought it in two colors... and apparently wear them both on the same weekend! Oopsie!

After she left, i caught up on my shows & also watched the movie Blue Jasmine, which i had picked up at RedBox at Wal-Mart. Really good, except they don't tie everything up in a neat little bow. They definitely leave things as they are. Very true-to-life but sometimes we want everything to be resolved in a movie. I don't feel like i'm giving anything away by telling you that, honestly i would want to know something like that going into it! Anyway... that didn't make me hate the movie, probably because Cate Blanchett is an AMAZING actress. I kept pausing it to go on and on to Brad about how brilliant she is. Ha!

Sunday was church, which was great. We had a missionary in as our guest speaker. His three sons sang a song & y'all. It was SO SWEET. They are 7, 13 & 15. The oldest played the guitar & the younger two sang. But they were precious. I cried because i just wanted to take their youngest home with me. (I'm not really kidding. Haha. They were so cute and innocent and singing to the Lord... I just couldn't take it!)

I came home, watched a movie (A Little Bit of Heaven on Netflix...can't believe I had never seen it!) & took a nice nap! And then tonight i headed to the theatre. I agreed to stage manage a play called Frost/Nixon. I was asked to do it after i found out i was pregnant and i declined, of course. But this past Wednesday, they still didn't have anyone. They've been rehearsing without an SM, which can make things really difficult! After making a pro/con list (seriously!), talking to Brad & talking to my good friend Ronald who is in the play, I decided to do it. It will only occupy my time for two and a half weeks & will keep me focused on something besides the fact that I had a miscarriage. I mean... sometimes keeping busy is good. And i don't think by doing that I'm not allowing myself to grieve, because I certainly am. But too much down time isn't so good. Too much time to think about everything. It's on my mind all the time anyway, but too much down time causes me to dwell ONLY on that, and that's just not good. So...2 weeks of theatre could be a nice break for me.

So I went last night & everything went well. I wasn't sure about it, because i only know 2 of the actors in it, i didn't know the director, and i had never read the script! But i enjoyed it, the actors seem nice & the director seems like a cool guy. So yeah... I'll be super busy for the next two weeks and then things will calm back down a bit! :)


  1. I love bonfires!! That looks like it was a really good one, too. I just hate when all my clothes and hair smell like smoke afterwards. :) But that's a small price to pay, I suppose.

  2. I AM 100% jealous that it is bonfire season where you are. It was -6 when I drove into work today, we are itching for bonfire season. Enjoy for me!

    The shirt is cute too! I would own it in two colors if I had it as well.


  3. that is the most epic bonfire I have ever seen! haha! And I can't believe Brad doesn't like marshmallows. I'm not too keen on them just plain, but if they are roasted and charred, they are DELICIOUS!

  4. That is a serious bonfire!

    Yes, I'm just getting around to reading blogs today. I've been slacking. :) I think I owe you a good email too!

  5. My husband isn't a fan of marshmallows either. But he's not a fan of sweets in general, so that isn't really a surprise. I do love marshmallows though, but really only eat them roasted. I do enjoy s'mores, but after one would be more than happy to just keep eating the roasted marshmallow by itself!

  6. I love bonfires. How fun. Congrats on not biting you nails...that's a hard one.


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