Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Weekend {a mani/pedi, a wedding, & other fun}

This weekend was a pretty good one... in spite of the thought that "last weekend i was pregnant...this weekend I'm not". Yeahhhh... that thought keeps popping into my head, unfortunately. But usually just as quickly, the peace that i tried to describe in my last post comes rushing in. Thank you, God.

{Friday} I came straight home from work & just relaxed. I caught up on my shows, Law & Order SVU & Parenthood. (I can no longer catch Grey's online, at least not for free. That is NOT COOL, ABC.com!)

I do not miss the days of HAVING TO HAVE something to do on a Friday night. I would much prefer to come home and CHILL! Haha! I must be in my thirties. ;)

{Saturday} I FINALLY got that MUCH LONGED FOR pedicure & eyebrow wax. (And, okay, i'll just say it. I get my lip waxed too. I get much too much hair on my lip & I hate it! Typical PCOS!)

But what is CRAZY is that i let them talk me into getting a manicure! It's shellac & I LOVE IT! I had it done once before, for my sister's wedding. I normally don't do my nails because they are SO SHORT. I bite them. I kept saying i would quit biting them & then get them done... but i never could stop biting! So they did my nails & they are just too pretty to bite! Still super short though! Ha!

It was awesome. I was the first one at the salon & had someone working on my hands & someone else doing my toes! Usually i read a book or play on my phone but since my hands were occupied, i just closed my eyes & relaxed, for the most part! Ahhhhh. MUCH NEEDED. And it was birthday money, so. Yeah. :)

After my mani/pedi, I went to Las Palmas & had lunch with my dear friend, Amanda!!

No pics of any of the above... sad!!

When i came home, i had a box at our doorstep! A care package from my dear friend Laura! Tell me this is not the most PERFECT care package for someone going through a miscarriage?! Or a lot of other things. Thank you SO MUCH, Laura. You are a treasured friend!

 That would be a novel, a journal, a coffee mug, chocolate & kleenex! SO thoughtful!

I went home & relaxed for awhile... and then we got ready to go to Brad's cousin Matt's wedding! It was in Springfield, LA, not too far from here... we rode with Brad's family. It was a pretty fun night! Lynde, the girl Matt was marrying, has been a favorite in our family since they first started dating! She is SO sweet and down to earth... we all just love her. The wedding was beautiful. I accidentally brought the WRONG LENS, so i didn't take too many pictures! But i did get a few. :)

I was so glad the ceremony was outside because it was the PERFECT day. Couldn't have been more beautiful. I would say it was about 68 degrees with no humidity! :) Matt was so cute... he started crying before the bride even came out! I was like, dude! You are in trouble if you are already crying! Haha!

The little girl on the left, Breelyn, is Lynde's daughter, & the two young men on the right, Hayden & Zach, are Matt's sons. I love these two families coming together! 

It was really fun seeing my good friend Ashley & her husband Dan there! I totally forgot they know Brad's cousin Matt until she texted me to see if i was going to the wedding. So fun hanging out with them for much of the night! :)

I really hope they don't hate me... because for part of the night i was a bit grouchy... oops. I got over it, though. Probably because of the music. That wedding reception had the BEST music! 

The over cheeriness in this next pic is basically Brad & Dan making fun of me & Ashley... it's kind of an awesome pic, though!

The "real" pic of me & Brad was blurry, but i kind of love this one anyway. ;)


Brad's cousin Chris' girlfriend (got all that?!) took a few & emailed them to us. So glad because i didn't take near enough pictures! A few that she sent us are below.

 My sister-in-law Jaimie & cousin Chris! Love this pic! :) 

Brad's cousins Chris & Amy

I don't know what is going on with my hair?! But i love my in-laws!!


{Sunday} Sunday was church. I was nervous, y'all. I knew that now pretty much everyone knew about our miscarriage, and even about our infertility. But everyone was super sweet. I underestimated them! I love my church family & am so thankful for their love & support. I had a few ladies come up & talk to me before service, letting me know they are praying for me & that God loves me & all that good stuff. Nobody said one of those things that you should NEVER say to someone struggling with infertility/miscarriage. No one! Thank the Lord! Haha. I was also given this gem from a lady that was Brad's youth director back in the day. Hahaha. Oh, man. HILARIOUS. 

Also, my friend Mandy (pictured with me below) gave me another little charm for my Origami Owl necklace. It's just a simple clear stone & it's to represent the baby we lost. Y'all. Seriously. Wow. She also gave me a Starbucks giftcard for my birthday gift. So sweet! 

That being said!!! Hubby & I went to Starbucks between worship practice & church service. I had tasted Mandy's iced white chocolate mocha before we went & HAD TO HAVE ONE. Basically these mini-dates mean we are skipping sunday school class. I am okay with that, for now. :) 

I decided not to sing back-up. I just wanted to worship from my seat, just me & the Lord, without everyone's eyes on me. I'm glad i did that. It was nice. 

After service, our worship leader, Billy, & his wife (one of my bestest friends) took me, Brad, Josh & his girlfriend Rebecca to dinner as a thank you for us helping lead worship while they were out of town. It was delish! :)

And then i spent the entire afternoon watching The Voice (my new favorite! GOODBYE, American Idol!) with this dog at my feet. Hahaha. Tell me he is not completely at home!

I guess that's it. Great weekend, overall. Ready for another one! :)


  1. I'm so glad you were able to have a good weekend! xo

  2. I will have to go back and catch up on your blog. I am so sorry for your loss :( It's so very hard. I agree with you on the response from those at church, everyone was so comforting. Along with that there were several women who told me they went through miscarriage as well. I was amazed so many women I knew had also gone through it. I didn't quite feel so alone. I will be praying for you!!

    I have wanted to try the shellac so I think you may have just convinced me!

  3. Ooooh... fun weekend! My weekends have consisted of me and Mike working... always at opposite hours and never home together. Blaaaah!

    Love that Mandy got your something to add to your necklace. :) Such a sweet thing to do!

    What lens did you have with you at the wedding?

  4. I've always wanted to try shellac...but despite quoting biting my nails for several years, I've picked the habit back up...maybe I'll have to try it anyways!

    Also, check hulu.com for grey's anatomy, I think you have to wait a week after the episode airs, but you can still watch them for free.

    And I'm so glad for you that everyone responded so kindly to your miscarriage at church. You continue to be in my prayers!

  5. Love Laura! She's always so thoughtful.

    Also, nail biters unite! (and i have too much lip hair too... But I'm too weany to get it waxed. I just bleach it.)


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