Sunday, March 2, 2014

RESOLVE Walk | Houston, Texas

In my last post, I talked about my little roadtrip to Houston for Women of Faith! It took place on Friday & Saturday of last weekend and we had an amazing time!!

On Sunday, we went to Sugar Land, Texas for the RESOLVE walk.

You see, the Women of Faith trip was with a couple of girls from my infertility support group, plus our leader. And then we met up with three other girls form our group at the walk itself.

RESOLVE is the national infertility association.  I can't even tell you all that they do. They basically set up resources, help, support groups, etc all over the U.S. all the time. Haha. For more information, check out their website. Last weekend, they had a walk in Texas to raise awareness about infertility & to raise money to help support RESOLVE.

The support group i have been a part of since August is called Sarah's Laughter. Sarah's Laughter is in the beginning stages of organizing a 5k in November here in Baton Rouge. So we HAD to go to this walk to get a few ideas & see how one works! But we also went, of course, because it is a cause we believe in & an organization that want to support!

Here are some pics from the event.

 Me & Beth, our fearless leader (& the author of Baby Hunger)

 me & Mary Claire 

 Me & Monika :)

 Our team :) 

 Me & Lesli! She is so sweet. She is the infertility support group leader at Lakewood Church in Houston. She is also the author of Dancing Upon Barren Land

 Beth & Lesli

There was a balloon release. Everyone wrote on their balloons either "in memory of" a child they miscarried or was stillborn, or "waiting for" if they have never been pregnant or "thankful for" their miracle baby. Some wrote quotes or verses instead. 

This is kind of our mantra for 2014, so i smiled when i saw that is what my friend wrote on her balloon! :) 

 Our group. Love these ladies!!

Afterwards, the four of us that were riding back together had lunch at a DELICIOUS mexican place before heading back to Baton Rouge! It was called ESCALANTE'S. (Excuse my hair! That is from the humidity/rain/sweat! Ha!)

It was a great trip! So glad i got to go!! 

P.S. I know many of my readers also deal with infertility. Many of you have mentioned you wish you had a support group in your area. And some of you may be horrified at the thought of having to go to a support group! But please TRUST ME - i was terrified but am so glad i took that step, because it has been the BEST thing i could have done for myself to survive! Sarah's Laughter lists some support group nationwide & I know there are some on the RESOLVE website too. (Sarah's Laughter is not affiliated with RESOLVE, FYI.)

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