Friday, April 25, 2014

Shelbey | Senior Photography | Rosedown Plantation | St. Francisville, LA

Last weekend I had a senior photo shoot! Shelbey's mom, Candy, was recommended to me and immediately got in touch with me for some last minute senior pictures! I was more than happy to do it. They chose to do them at Rosedown Plantation, since it is one of the few plantation homes here in Louisiana that doesn't charge too much to let you do photography sessions! I believe that is why we chose it for my bridal session back in 2008 as well! Anyway, i hadn't been in awhile and was so glad that was the location of the shoot. It is GORGEOUS! I cannot wait to do a photo shoot there again! :)

Most of Shelbey's classmates have taken their pictures already, she said. She wasn't going to do it but agreed to a session just a few weeks ago, right before her mom got in touch with me! She said it's just not her thing & that she's not photogenic. Okay, maybe it's not her thing, but I beg to differ on the photogenic part! She is beautiful! And i had so much fun on this session.


Such a beautiful girl, and she and her mom were so much fun to hang out with! :)

Congrats on graduating, Shelbey!


  1. she is STUNNING.
    and wait, a senior? i was thinking like 24. dang.
    wow, these are gorgeous melissa!!!

  2. Not photogenic?! Come on! She's gorgeous and could be a model! It just proves that we have bad perceptions of ourselves. These turned out wonderfully, Mel! Great job!

  3. WHAT!? She doesn't think she is photogenic??? She's nuts.

  4. Just wanted to say that I absolutely love the shirt with the heart cut-out on the back. So adorable!!

  5. These are AWESOME!!!!!! Great job!!!

  6. These are gorgeous!!! I'm in love with your work!

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