Monday, April 7, 2014

So much to tell you! {this weekend}

Friday night was our opening night of Frost/Nixon. It went well. Glad we are at this point. This means no more rehearsals, no more staying after rehearsal to fix/improve/discuss. Just do a show, wait for the cast to leave, lock up, go home. Done and done. Plus, the play is only 90 minutes with no intermission, so...it's just not bad at all!

Saturday i met my friend Brittany at Starbucks for a few hours before the show. So much fun! LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!

Saturday night was fantastic. Two major mistakes happened with the actor's lines. At one point an actor skipped a few lines, which made me need to skip four light cues to get in the right cue! This was scary, because the light board on our second stage is just not my favorite. It also happened about 30 seconds before my "two pages of hell" that i talked about in my last post. But I DID IT!!!! Then, another actor skipped some lines, meaning the next actor would need to realize that & get to the stage SOONER than usual. I was praying, "please be there, please be there, please be there!" and he was. Everything went off without a hitch! I was SUPER proud of my cast for being amazing!! This is the kind of stuff that happens in theatre everyday, and it's scary/exciting. ;) I would not be talking about this all excitedly if we hadn't pulled it off! But we did. The audience never would have known the difference. ;)

The cast of Frost/Nixon, right after our Sunday matinee.

Sunday's performance was even better, because there were no scary mishaps. The play went off without a hitch! Yay!

So ... i am sure that's enough theatre talk for all of you! :)

Oh, wait! Let's back up to THURSDAY NIGHT, shall we?!

On Thursday night, i lost my keys. i realized they were missing AFTER everyone else had left the theatre. Oh, yeah. That was fun. Also, deserved, maybe? Karma? What goes around comes around? Something. Because see the tall guy in the pic above? His name is Jake. Jake lost his pocketwatch Wednesday night, and we didn't leave as early as i would've liked because we were looking for it. Thursday night, he lost his wallet, and i picked on him a little about it. I said, "Jake! I can't believe you lost something again!" Well...he found it...he left...and not five minutes later i COULD NOT FIND MY KEYS!!! Before the show, i changed clothes, went to put them in my car, walked into our main theatre to get some ice water at the bar, then went back to second stage (our studio theatre where we are doing this show). So i knew my keys must be in my car or on the bar in the main theatre. WHICH WAS LOCKED!!!!

Hubby had to come get me. He was thrilled, let me tell you! It sucked for me to have to wait 45 minutes later by myself for him to get there, but it sucked for him too to have to get in the car & drive all the way out to get me. Especially since he hates driving in the dark (bad night vision).

The keys were on the bar, by the way. Nice! Won't do that again!

Side Note: Most people are TERRIFIED to be at our theater alone. It's not in a good neighborhood, but i have never, ever felt unsafe. It also has a ghost named Rodney. He is why people hate being there alone. But I don't believe in ghosts. Which is a good thing, since i was the one left alone at the theater Thursday night!

(Rodney was a real life person that died during My Fair Lady in the 40's or something. Little bit of Theatre Baton Rouge history for ya.)

 *    *    *    * 

Sunday was AMAZING. Seriously, one of the best days I've had in awhile. Here's why:

1. I slept in. I normally don't do that on Sundays, because i have to be at church early for music practice. But after tech week, i decided to let myself sleep in.

2. I went to church & since i was late, i didn't sing with the praise team. Instead i worshiped from my seat. And it was really nice. I mean, i love leading worship, and singing backup, but sometimes a morning in the pew is needed. I honestly felt like my heart would EXPLODE with thankfulness to God. i'm not saying there aren't still moments of hurt & pain through this miscarriage, because there are - more than i would like. But lately i have been doing okay, and Sunday morning i poured out my heart to my God during worship. And it was awesome. We also had communion & then Billy led us in an old hymn,

There is coming a day, 
When no heart aches shall come, 
No more clouds in the sky, 
No more tears to dim the eye, 
All is peace forevermore, 
On that happy golden shore, 
What a day, glorious day that will be. 

What a day that will be,
When my Jesus I shall see,
And I look upon His face,
The One who saved me by His grace;
When He takes me by the hand,
And leads me through the Promised Land,
What a day, glorious day that will be.

There'll be no sorrow there,
No more burdens to bear,
No more sickness, no pain,
No more parting over there;
And forever I will be,
With the One who died for me,
What a day, glorious day that will be.

I was weeping y'all. Weeping. God is SO good & even though i have a lot more years i want to live here on earth... i cannot wait to see Him in person. :) I just want a big ol' hug from Jesus! :)

3. Our pastor preached a powerful word on obeying God. Church was over, and i had to get to the theatre, but i got to do a little visiting & then laughed hysterically talking to my pastor! (Long story - but it was a really funny moment!) 

4. At the theatre, as i said earlier, we had an awesome show, i didn't miss a cue, my actors didn't miss a beat, it was perfect! Also, another funny moment happened there, that had me laughing until my stomach hurt. So TWO times like that in one day? Awesome. 

5. Went to Whole Foods. Got some groceries. Saw a handsome guy in his thirties ask  an old lady where she was parked. She pointed far away. He said, "Let me take your groceries to your car for you." Y'ALL. It was raining. I am sure he had other things to do. This wasn't an employee. Seriously? Everyone is in such a hurry these days - including myself. I mean, i try to be considerate, but i wouldn't have done that. I mean, that was taking consideration for others to a whole new level!
*    *    *    * 

Um... i am sure there is more to share. But for now, a few links! (I'm pulling an Amy!)

My sweet friend Briana just had a miscarriage at 12 weeks. Please pray for her! It's her fourth miscarriage. We were both due in October, and she was a huge source of encouragement to me during mine a month ago. I really loved what she wrote in "The aftermath" of a miscarriage. This was so true for me. (Most of it. I didn't have maternity clothes yet, and i didn't have to have a D&C. But the rest is exactly it.) 

A really good article on taking baby steps towards a healthy lifestyle. 

Loved this girl's story. And love what she says about brokenness, and how it belongs in the church. I'm so glad i go to a church where it is accepted & understood. I don't have to fake it til i make it there. :)

I thought this post was really funny. :)

Dog-Lovers: I loved these. You will too.

If you are still here, thank you. You seriously deserve a prize!! 

Have a great week!

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