Saturday, April 5, 2014

Why I've Been MIA {theatre life}

I have not blogged since the 23rd? Well, that's just ridiculous. I need to remedy that immediately! Now that i have a minute!

 our theatre...nothing to look at, but one of my favorite places to be! :)

I have been stage managing a show at our theatre called Frost/Nixon. It's about interviews between Richard  Nixon and David Frost (talk show host) after Nixon resigned from office. It's a 90-minute straight play (no music). The script is 83 pages & I have 195 cues. That's a lot. (If you saw on instagram i sad 192 cues, and then on Facebook 194 cues, I haven't been exaggerating. I counted them. They just keep giving me more cues! Ha!)

Anyway, opening night was last night. Final count for cues is 195. Whew!

cast during warm-ups

If you have never worked in theatre, stage managers call cues...basically saying in their headset, "Standby lights 34....." & then at the proper time (aka, their cue), they say, "Lights 34, GO" & the lightboard operator hits go & the lights hit the stage. Got it? But I'm not on headset because i don't have a crew, and I'm not actually calling cues since i am running it all by myself! :) I am runing lights, sound, live camera feed & pre-recorded video. Got all that? That's a lot!

Preparing my script. Orange dots are for lights, pink dots are sound 
& i have various green dots for video & camera!

It is doable, although pages 58-59 of my script are impossible!!!!

Anyway. That's what I've been busy with. Originally they asked me to stage manage it when i was pregnant, so i said no. (Some people do shows while pregnant, but i will not be one of them! I'm exhausted doing a show NOT pregnant, can't imagine doing one while being pregnant!) Two weeks later, they asked if i knew anyone that could do it because they still hadn't found anyone. This was after my miscarriage. I started thinking about it & after weighing the pros & cons, i decided to do it. I came in late, since they had already been in rehearsals for two weeks at that point!

(I'm just now realizing i may have explained all this in my last post. Oops!)

 taken from my little window of the sound booth during tech rehearsal

So anyway. That's what I've been busy with. Stage managing a show with 195 cues. I keep saying that number because that is a LOT! That is more than some 2 & a half hour musicals & this is only a 90 minute play! It makes me feel good that i am looked to as someone who can handle that many cues, and it makes me feel good that i can accomplish it! :) For a self-diagnosed ADD girl, that's a miracle... although I am a good multi-tasker...so that helps! (Although those two pages are going to be the death of me!)
That would be my "holy crap, that's a lot of cues!" face. 

Anyhoo.That's what's been going on. I've been working each day & going to rehearsal each night! Coming home & falling straight into the bed. Pretty much.

But things are going well & emotionally, i am doing a lot better. Thanks again to those of you that have been praying for me!! :)

We opened last night, so i only have two more performances this weekend, and 4 performances next weekend!

In other news...

I got a belated birthday gift from my good friend Patti... (HELLO, AMAZON GIFT CARD!)

AND i got really pretty flowers on my Trader Joe's run. I LOVE that BR finally has a Trader Joe's!

And my dog is still the cutest sweetest. :) He misses his mama though!

classic shih-tzu underbite. :) 

That's about it! Wish me luck on all those cues tonight, PLEASE! :)

Have a great weekend!

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