Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day Sessions | family photography

I did mother's day mini-sessions this year. I am so glad i did. It was my first time attempting a photo session marathon, but everything went so smoothly and I am thankful! BIG THANKS goes to my friend Mandy for coming both days and acting as my assistant! I don't know if i could have done it without her!

Some have wondered how i handled doing this while going through infertility, but just want you to know that something happens when i get behind that camera! Haha. I first discovered this on my first maternity shoot. I think i am so focused on photography, and getting those settings just right, and getting that perfect shot, that i don't really have room to be thinking about what I don't have that i so desperately desire. I definitely still experience grief and heartache, and it happens at such random times, but never during these photo shoots. So thankful to God for that!

(And if you are one of my infertility sisters, I will not be offended if you just go on and skip this post! Love & prayers to you, this weekend especially.)

And without further ado..here are some of my favorites from the mini-sessions!

Mallory with Emeline (aka Emmy)

Jeanie with Dawson

Jennifer with Landry 

Kristie with Brock & Bella

Allison with Elijah

Megan with Izaac 

Jessie with Andrew 

My friend Caty (left) with her mom, dad & sister :)

Heather with Bryleigh & Brock 

Angela with Brayden

Jaime with Ashlyn & Landon

Mika with Poppy & Paisley

Candice with Kynlee

That last one is my FAVE! :)

Hope y'all enjoyed these. And happy mother's day to the moms. We love you!


  1. Fantastic pictures!!!! You are doing such a great job!

  2. Beautiful! I love seeing your growth as a photographer! My favorite is the second one of Heather with Bryleigh & Brock. So sweet!

  3. I love these photos so, so much. I love how even though these were all in the same place, each group still has a different feel to them. Definitely something I'd recommend trying to do annually if not more often.

  4. They all turned out so so good...glad I was able to help, I enjoyed it..Love you

  5. All of these photos are beautiful! You did such a fabulous job :)


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