Saturday, July 26, 2014

Catching up...

Thanks so much to those of you who already read and commented on my last post. Such sweet people in my life, I tell ya! I didn't know if any of that made sense but I'm relieved to know it kinda sorta did! I'm having a good day today. You just never know! But today is good. Could have something to do with the fact that it's the weekend. Yay!

I feel like I should catch you up on things that have happened lately. And by that I mean, I'll show you the most recent pics in my phone and tell you about them! I know.... I might be the laziest blogger ever. I'm okay with that! 

Had lunch with my good friend Ashley last week-ish. I love this girl. I was in musical theatre class with her and her husband in high school (before they were together), lost touch with them for years, but reconnected on Facebook a few years ago. And we have become good friends again in person, so she's more than JUST a FB friend now! Love her soooo much and so glad she is in my life. Good catching up with her!

Got together with my friend Brittany K, who is designing my photography website! Love this chic!

Had dinner with these two ladies. I know them from my infertility support group! So glad i have them in my life! Much needed girl time. 

Got a flat tire on my way home from work! Argh!!! BUT! This situation could have been so much worse! For one thing, i was on the interstate but i was so close to my exit! For another thing, at the exact same time my husband arrived to help, a stranger also arrived, and they worked together as a team. And man! I have never seen a tire changed so quickly. (Yes, i am a poor soul who hasn't changed a tire since she was taught how to change one, which was probably over a decade ago, so i will just call my husband instead. That's what they are good for! Haha. Just kidding. Kind of.) Anyway, those two worked very quickly because the sky was BLACK & there was lightening behind us...we all knew that in just a minute it would be pouring! And as soon as we all got in our cars to leave, it started raining HARD! The kind where you windshield wipers and umbrellas aren't much help. So yeah. That situation could have been way worse! Oh yeah, and, we thought I'd need a new tire, but it was able to be repaired for twenty-five bucks. Yay! 

Last Sunday, our youth director, Andy, was ordained in our morning service. I brought my camera to get some quick pics! Shoulda used flash, the lighting just wasn't working for me. This was the best I could do! (So, i guess this post isn't ONLY iPhone photos. Ha!) Anyway, we love these two & are thrilled for them. He's been our youth director for a couple years now, but now he is an official minister... like, he can do weddings! We love Andy... love hearing him preach & he is hilarious.

His wife, Ashley, is one of my dearest friends. She is always SO full of joy & she spreads joy around just by being there. No kidding. All of you would love her!


Went to visit my good friends for a bit! Love love love this sweet family! And their daughter just kept kissing me!!! Isn't that the sweetest?!

 This past weekend, me and my mom and sister went to the beach! Second year in a row, and we are thinking it will be an annual occurrence. I'm good with that! Anyway, we didn't actually make it TO the beach. Just the balcony. I know. Sad. Mom has kidney stones and I wasn't feeling well on the one day we were planning to go to the beach! Argh! Yes I know we are crazy. For the record... I really regret it! Shoulda sucked it up and gone down there anyway! 

But we still had a great time together!

And we ate at Lambert's. If you haven't eaten here... my condolences. Oh my word. I love it. There are no words. Except, thank you. Thank you, Mr & Mrs Lambert.

So that's what's been happening lately! Will tell you about the house hunt next! 

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  1. I'm pretty sure I was never even taught to change a tire, so you're at least one step ahead of me!


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