Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August Happenings

It's September, it's September! I love September. September means fall is coming. And this year, for us, it means A NEW HOUSE!! And a new area! And a backyard! And a cute neighborhood. And nice floors instead of green carpet. Yeah!

Some things you missed this past August, while I was watching too much TV to do any blogging. Yeah, that's the honest truth. Just being real with ya. More on that later.

Fievel turned 10 on the 18th! Love this boy!

 This is Fievel when i first took him home! 6 weeks old! He's so cute, i can't handle it!

And here he is at 10! Still a handful! But i love him!

Brad has a great family! I love it! On his dad's side of the family there are a lot of first cousins. One of them, Whitney, randomly sent all the girl cousins a text (including me, even though i am more of their cousin-in-law!) to see if we wanted to go to dinner! She threw out a date, time & place & everyone agreed! Honestly, it had been too long since i had seen them. We missed Christmas with them this past year because we celebrated with my family instead. It's been AGES since I've seen any of them, except maybe Jaimie! And I've seen Megan a couple times. Anyway, we had a BLAST! We just ate dinner and talked & I laughed until i hurt. Brad comes from a family of comedians, i tell you. They are a HOOT! They even had the waitress cracking up!

from left to right - Shelley & Leah (sisters) & Leah's daughter Hollyn, me, Whitney, Megan & Jaimie.

I went to the Hillsongs Concert in mid-August with my good friend Mary Claire. It was AWESOME! I know the old hillsongs, but wasn't sure if i knew any of their new stuff. Thankfully, i did! We sing a lot of their songs in church, i just didn't realize it. I was hoping they would sing Oceans, and they did. It was a great night of worship.

 Healing Place Church where the concert was held. I love this church.

 Yes...we're nerds. :)

 LOOOOVE her!!! So thankful for her friendship! :)

We are going to the Kari Jobe concert in October - can't wait for that! :)

Oh, yeah... I also did a little packing in August. Do you think I got the point across here?!

Other Random Things-
I did another Whole30! August 1-30. I lost 9 pounds & 2.5 inches in my waist. I had better results last time, but this is still good. I don't know, i guess i'm not that excited about it because I am just losing weight I've already lost!! It'll be forever before i get back to where i was & start losing weight i haven't lost yet. That is disappointing. But i need to just stop thinking about that & keep on keeping on! :)

I got obsessed with Walking Dead. Have you seen this show?! I PROMISE YOU, i am NOT really a zombie/vampire/weird-stuff person, i don't want to watch anything with all of that. Now, I do watch Grey's Anatomy, so i thought the blood & guts wouldn't phase me. Haha. Hahahaha. Right. That's funny. Brad REALLY wanted me to watch Walking Dead with him (he'd seen it but was willing to see it again!), and i have friends who aren't zombie people that love the Walking Dead, so... I finally caved. After the first two episodes i was SICK to my STOMACH!!! I felt sad for Brad because he was so excited i watched it, but i knew there was no way i could watch any more of it. Well. I ended up watching again thinking i could just turn my eyes during the sick parts. Before i knew it i was obsessed (& the bloods & guts either lessened or just didn't bother me anymore). We are now DONE with Season 3 & i am SAD because it'll be October before Season 4 is on Netflix! Ahhhhh!

Y'all. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Can't get enough!! So good! So well written! So...creepy! And it's fun acting like the "walkers" all the time. Haha! (This might be the first year in my entire life i want to dress up for halloween. Ha!) The main thing about this show is the characters, though. That's what keeps you watching.

 Michonne, probably my favorite character of The Walking Dead

Now, watch... all this important stuff & i will just get comments about The Walking Dead. ;)


We are still on a break from treatment, but i am really excited about something! Beth, the head of Sarah's Laughter (the support group i go to) is organizing a 5k for infertility awareness. I know it's a subject not a lot of people will talk about, but honestly i think it's about time there is some awareness for this! It's not like nobody deals with infertility. It's 1 in 8. But you THINK you are the only one when NOBODY is talking aout it. Anyway. She is heading this up in collaboration with Dr. Webster (my RE & one of the best!).

One really cool thing is that Dr. Webster is donating a free IVF to one lucky winner! Many of y'all KNOW what a blessing this would be...the expense for IVF is outrageous. But this will give a couple a chance at being parents. I mean, NOBODY can afford IVF whether they do it or not. Most take out loans for IVF. Which shouldn't have to be! The cool thing is, EVERYONE who goes to the 5k will be entered in the drawing for the IVF, so if someone wins that doesn't need it, they can donate it to the person they are there for (or whoever). So basically if 15 people come to us, they can put my name in, upping my chances of winning.

I haven't said much about that part on FB, because honestly, i want someone to win it who NEEDS it. I don't know if that's me or not. Seeing as how i got pregnant through IUI, i feel like i could get pregnant that way again. Some women's only chance is IVF. So i haven't said a lot about the IVF part. The thing is, if we won it, i would do it. It's still a much greater chance of success than IUI. But i do want the person who wins to be the person that God has in mind to win! (And of course that would happen - He is in control!)

The biggest reason i want people there on our team is just to have support there. When this was in the early stages of being planned, i was elated to find out that i would have a newborn the time of the 5k. That was not to be, and now it is more important to me than ever to have friends there on our team. Nobody should walk through infertility alone, and even though it is sometimes awkward or embarrassing to talk about, I still want the support. I still want people rooting for us. Hopefully people can understand that.

So, I signed up & set up a team. And i shared the info on FB. I have had 5 friends join our team already, which is exciting! And several more saying they are going to! I really can't wait... i think it will be a great day. :) If you are local & want to join, just go here, click Sign Up Now, then click GROUPS/TEAMS, and then scroll to the bottom for Team Venable. :) We would love to have you join us! The run (or walk!) is November 22 at Pennington in Baton Rouge.

Well, there you go! I think I have caught you up on just about everything in my life! Welcome, SEPTEMBER!


  1. Oh my gosh- the doctor donating the free IVF cycle?!?! That is unbelievable!!! I would probably be selfish and not advertise the walk at ALL in order to have less participants/a greater chance to win. Ha. But then again, I'm super selfish. ;) I hope you win it so much!!! Also, love Walking Dead. I was definitely going to comment about that, but I may be even more excited about the IF walk than WD! (and just wait til Season 5 starts...if you look verrrrry closely, you may see someone you 'know' as an extra...hint, hint...)

  2. Aww I'd totally sign up to be on your team but I'll be in Florida that week. Wishing you luck and that you win the IVF though!

    We LOVE LOVE LOVE TWD at our house! Keep checking AMC. They are actually really good about having marathons (usually around holiday weekends though!)

  3. I wish I could come do the walk with you.

  4. That's so great that you set up a team!! Love it!
    Our house looks the same with all the boxes... Happy moving and happy September, friend!!


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