Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Last Weekend

The weekend was amazing. Fantastic. Wonderful. Oh my gosh, i am so excited about our new place!! We should close early next week. And you know what? I'm okay with that. We still have a good bit of packing to do! Haha.

On Saturday, I took Fievel to the groomer,

And then headed to mom & dad's house. Mom & I went shopping. For furniture!! My mom is my favorite person to have along on these kind of trips. She is the BEST at interior decor. Before we left, she gave me a little gift! She saw it on my pinterest & ordered it for me! I love it! It's one of those flags you put in your yard. Oh, and yes, i guess i DID just tell y'all my last name (don't care even though maybe i should!). Isn't it cute, though!? :)

Mom & I headed out. First, we grabbed breakfast at Another Broken Egg. Then we went to SEVERAL furniture stores. We found a possible table for my kitchen, but decided to wait until i move in & see how much room i have. It's really kinda small. There are two tables i like, so it just depends on which one we have room for. (Our current table is really too big, plus it was Brad's parents & they want it back sometime!)

We went to Bassett, Rooms-to-Go, Inventory Liquidators, Furniture Outlet & Ashley. I *think* that's it. Maybe not. Haha. Maybe there were more!

I ended up getting a coffee table, two side tables & a TV chest!! Yay!!! And mom got me a really nice full-length mirror. I've been wanting & needing one of those!

I posted "furniture store awards" on FB because i am silly. You know, Best Salesman - rooms to go, Most Annoying Salesman - Inventory Liquidators, etc. Now, how crazy is this?! Inventory Liquidators is supposed to be like an outlet...cheaper furniture. I mean, their big slogan printed in giant letters on the wall is, "WE PAY LESS SO YOU PAY LESS!" Well, then. How come the brand new table & chairs we saw at Rooms-To-Go was $199, and the damaged one in Inventory Liquidators was $250??? Really?!

But anyway. I am super excited about my finds! :) :) Will show you soon!

Then we went back to my parent's & I jumped in the pool! Man, i'm glad they have a pool now! Haha! My parents went swimming too. 

Although... funny story... and I can't believe i didn't get a pic of this! We were in the pool and my dad's cell phone rang. So he is getting out of the pool to see who it is, and he sees a SNAKE! A baby snake, but still!! Mom said it looked like a poisonous one! EEK! So dad, um, took care of it! But if his cell phone hadn't gone off, that snake would have ended up in the pool! AHHHH! Gives me the heebee jeebies. (How do you spell heebee jeebies anyway?!)

So I was watching as he was throwing it over the gate when i felt something brush against me. I screamed and shook it off... it was the skirt part of my swimming suit. HAHAHA. Just a little freaked out, i guess! :)

Sunday... church was great & i got a pic with two of my faves!! After church, me & Brad went to lunch with Billy & Mandy. Love them!! Good times. 

Next week we should be painting & moving & all that! YIPPEE!!! :)


  1. I can't wait for your move and to see pictures of all of your fun new furniture and decorations!

  2. How sweet! I love your gift your mom got you!

  3. You didn't get the chevron memo at church, apparently. :-) You all look great! I can't wait for you guys to close! Keep us posted!

  4. I could NOT even handle a snake IN THE POOL WITH ME. That gives me more than the heebee geebies (and who really does know how to spell that??? ha!).

  5. Oh my gosh! Soooo laughing about the part where your skirt brushed against you after seeing the snake hahahaha!

    Are you refurnishing your entire house haha!?


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