Saturday, October 18, 2014


First things first, y'all...

Sarah at Life of Love got hitched. But it wasn't your typical wedding. They eloped...on the beach...in Hawaii...and oh my goodness these are the most romantic wedding pics I think I've ever seen. Seriously. Go look! GORGEOUS! (Congrats, Sarah!)

Okay! Couldn't let another minute go by without sharing that! Haha.

Moving on... let's catch you all up on what's been happening...

Last weekend, I had a photo shoot with this gorgeous girl. I absolutely love her. She and her husband were having a "marriage blessing ceremony" in the catholic church, and i was asked to capture it. It was held at a beautiful church here in town. It's full of stone and natural light. I can't wait to go through the pics...hopefully i got some good shots!

When i got home, though, i wasn't feeling well at all. We had a family reunion but had planned to miss it due to a friend's wedding reception, but we ended up not doing either. I felt awful. Sad-face. However, it did give us time to finish catching up on The Walking Dead. Haha!

So, the Walking Dead. I am IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW! I can't say that enough. And no, i'm not a zombie person either. The first few episodes made me literally sick to my stomach haha, but i guess i got used to it, or got so into the characters that i didn't care? I don't know. I still look away every once in awhile! Anyway... Season 4 came out on Netflix on September 28th or so, but we couldn't watch it until we got internet at our new house. Season 5 premiere was going to be October 12th, and the plan was to watch it at our friend's house... so basically we squeezed all of Season 4 into a  week and a half or so.

We almost gave up. Because we had things to do with unpacking & organizing! But we didn't. We held strong. We hung on. And on Sunday evening, we went to our friend's house & watched the premiere with them. On their giant movie screen size TV.

It was worth it. Best premiere EVER, of anything!

 Selfie with the whole gang!

The girls! (Sorry it's blurry!)

We had a great time! But i started feeling bad again & ended up staying home from work Monday & Tuesday with a sinus infection. I did the obvious...caught up on Parenthood and watched some of this season's The Voice. Duh. ;)

Fievel was the best snuggle buddy while i was sick.

He also has a new spot in my office. Finally unpacked and sat down to edit in there. Next thing i know he is making it clear he wants to see out the window. Grabbed a photo prop, put a blanket on it... there ya go. My baby has a spot in my office. Haha! He doesn't look that happy, but trust me... he is. (He is more perplexed about why i'm taking yet another picture of him!)

I got this candle. After awhile  i had to blow it out because it seriously smelled like pancakes up in here. And i wanted to eat them.

Thursday i went to the Kari Jobe concert, and y'all. That gets a post of its own.

Thank you thank you thank you, to all of you who took the time to comment on my last post. I really appreciate it, and i will writing again about all of that very soon! :) 

Today my mom is coming over to help me finish hanging pictures! Haven't done much of that in two weeks! I can't wait to have them all on the walls and everything. Yay! :)


  1. Yay for Sar!! I've always wanted to have a destination wedding, so this has given me a lot of good ideas! I think I'd want to have some people there, though.

  2. Yay for Sar!! I've always wanted to have a destination wedding, so this has given me a lot of good ideas! I think I'd want to have some people there, though.

  3. Melissa (and Rainey)!! You guys are too good to me. Thank you for such sweet comments (we lucked out with a photographer who made us feel super low key and had a ton of practice, but was new-ish to the island so we got her at a great price). Seriously, we're so lucky that friends like you are so supportive and elated at our marriage celebration!

    In a total Instagram side note, you photography is getting SO AMAZING! Seriously, I love looking at it. #beast

  4. I love Fall candles! They make the house smell deliciously festive.

  5. I love fall candles too. Well, really I love all food smelling candles (Scentsy is what I have a ton of now). But, I always get hungry too! Ha. I can't wait to read about Kari. She went to the same college I did (for a little while anyway) and she used to lead worship in a Church by my Dad's house!! :)


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