Monday, October 13, 2014

New House Fun!

So, continuing from my last post. After two days of painting & a day of flooring being put in, we made the move!!! The flooring was still being done, so we just moved what we could. For the next day or two, we were still going back to the trailer to get stuff! Ahhhh!! The trips back & forth - i thought they would never end!! But finally they did and I took some pictures on my way out.

Goodbye, Trailer 28. You were good to us for the first 5 1/2 years of married life! :)

I left the trailer for the last time, and headed to our new house...

We love it & we are so happy to be here. So crazy, too, I know four people in the neighborhood that i didn't know lived here! Pretty cool! :)

Our furniture was delivered, and i began to get everything set up. Here it is starting to look more like home. :) 

And the master bedroom i had envisioned finally came together! Just need pictures on the wall, but you get the idea! I really wish i was not too lazy to grab my good camera & take some pictures, but i am! Haha. These pictures don't really do the color justice. I promise i'll get around to real pics (& maybe a video tour!) soon! But the black furniture against the lilac walls in our bedroom is just gorgeous! I love it.

That week (the week we were off to move!) held a lot of fun surprises, too. My friend, Laura, mailed me a little housewarming gift, and my friend Ashley dropped one off!

And yes, i already hit up target for a few things...

Got another kitchen rug, a frame for my "Great is thy Faithfulness" print, and (duh) a coffee mug.

The letter "V" that my mom ordered for me from Etsy came in too! It is so cute!! It is going in the wall gallery. :)

In our house, we have the beginning of a wall gallery, and my canvases made it up, too! Love it all! Again, excuse these pics, and know it looks pretty awesome in person. :)

Last weekend (or so? My days are running together now), our friends Adam & Katie (& Natalie) came by to see the house. That was fun! They brought me a gift card to a place called Red Stick Spice Company... it's to buy spices for cooking...I've never been but it sounds cool. I'm kind of excited about it!

As soon as they left, my friend Mary Claire dropped by to see the house. She brought me the CUTEST "V" for our front door... will show it to you after i hang it!

Mary Claire & I were talking, and Fievel was laying between us on the couch. All of a sudden, he flipped over on his back, just as comfy as could be! It was hilarious!! For anyone concerned about how my dog is doing at the new house, well. He feels right at home here!

From Mary Claire's angle, this was even funnier. She took a pic for me. I think i will frame it! 

Hahaha! Love that dog. 

Well, there's another update for ya! Enjoy! :)


  1. sounds like y'all are settling in soooo well! :)
    everything is looking beautiful!

  2. Haha Fievel is hysterical! I think you should frame that pic too. I love the V your mom got you. Super cute!

  3. bahah! Fievel looks like he's in heaven! hilarious! So love to see the house coming together! I'm not sure if it's the fall rolling around or what, but suddenly I want to binge on researching, looking at, and doing all things home-decor related. haha.

  4. Ha Fievel!! I looooove everything!! You are making it look so cozy and cute!!

  5. OMG. That pic of Fievel is too much. Haha! Dogs are so funny!

  6. You totally have to do a video tour!!!!!

  7. I love the decorating you have done! So exciting!


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