Saturday, October 4, 2014

Paint, Floors & Moving in!

So, the last time i posted we had just closed on our house, and i cannot believe I haven't updated you since then! Well, nothing to worry about... we are LOVING our new house SO MUCH! We've just been really busy unpacking and painting and organizing and so on and so forth. But everything is coming together the way i had imagined & pretty much everyday i say, "I LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE!!!"

So, to catch you up, I'll do a sort of timeline.

Friday, September 19th - We closed on our house!

Saturday & Sunday, September 20th & 21st: We painted. And painted. And painted some more. (I personally hate painting. I dread it & dread it, but once i get started, I'm fine. Especially when it is in our new house & I know it will be so worth it!) Thankfully, my parents came to help with the painting, and Brad's dad did a lot of carpentry work for us. Brad's mom's shoulder is messed up, so she couldn't really paint, but she made sure we were fed! Haha! :)


My friend, Mandy, came to help paint on Sunday!

The painting is almost done... we are HAPPY HAPPY!

Nothing but joy! And maybe a bit of delirium!

I am so glad the colors i picked turned out EXACTLY as i had hoped! The gray looked blue at first, and i was kind of scared... i love blue, it's my favorite color, but it's not what i wanted! Haha. But once we put on a second coat, and once it dried, it was clearly gray. It's Silver Leaf by Valspar if you are wondering. Here are some before & afters...

The Living Room BEFORE: 

The Living Room PAINTED - oh, yeah, and we ripped up the carpet.

Here is the living room from another angle...

The Kitchen, BEFORE:

And the Kitchen, PAINTED:


That would be shoe mold we are painting in the middle...we had to paint it before our floors would be put in on Monday. Speaking of floors!

Monday & Tuesday, September 22nd & 23rd: Floors!

I did that gray color throughout the house, except the bathroom, laundry & our master. For our bathroom & laundry room, i wanted a fun color, so i went with a mint color called Aquatic Edge. No pictures of that... will get those to you in the next post or so! :) 

For our bedroom, i wanted a pretty romantic color. Originally i was going to do gray, but then i decided to do a gray quilt or comforter, and put color on the walls. I ended up going with Brushed Lavender, also Valspar. It is GORGEOUS & exactly what i had in mind! I cannot wait to get my good camera & take pics of everything (this post is all iPhone pics), but it will at least give you an idea! :) So here it is... our bedroom, BEFORE: 

(That's a new back door on the floors in case you are wondering! Haha. Termite damage ruined the other one!)

And our bedroom, painted! (But not finished, and carpet not removed yet! But you get the idea!) 

On Tuesday we started moving in, even though the floors weren't quite finished. he finished around 4, and we continued moving everything in. I don't remember much about that week... it is all kind of a blur. I just remember every part of me aching, but being SO EXCITED about everything coming together! I do remember at one point i decided i had worked hard enough to earn another swim in my parent's pool! :) (Probably my last for awhile - as of today it's too cold for swimming!)

On Monday our fridge was delivered, on Tuesday our new couch was delivered, and on Wednesday our coffee tables, end tables & TV chest were delivered. I LOVE IT ALL! I will have pictures for you of all of that really soon! But hopefully this one will hold you over until then! :)

But yes... we love our new house, our neighborhood is quiet, and our little town has EVERYTHING we could possibly want. The drive to work takes awhile, but seems to be smooth flowing, as long as i leave on time. The drive home doesn't take near as long which is surprising to me! There are so many positives about being where we are now... We are thrilled.

Alrighty... that's about it for now. I'll get some pictures of the place with furniture in it for you soon! It's looking good in here! ;)


  1. I'm so glad everything came together and the colors and floor came out so wonderfully! Y'all picked great! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. I love it all!

    And the person who keeps the work crew fed is the most important person haha!

  3. Isn't it so exciting just seeing everything come together! I can't wait to see pictures as it all finishes coming together!

  4. Oh yay!! Gray can be so tricky--I'm glad you got it right in the first shot! You are doing such an amazing job with your adorable house!

  5. look at you go!! it is looking beautiful!

  6. Your house is gorgeous, Mel!!! I can't wait to see even more pictures. Congratulations!!!!


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