Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas #1

Merry Christmas!!

A few weeks ago we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family. Us, my parents, & my sister & brother-in-law. We had a wonderful day!! We ate a delicious meal, had a little family photoshoot, and watched the first 5 episodes of Scandal. (Very Christmasy, i know...the plan was to watch Elf or Charlie Brown's Christmas, but then we started telling mom about Scandal, and HAD TO WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY! Ha!)

That's really all there was to our day, except for a little photo shoot. My sister had requested some family pics, so I brought my tripod & camera, and set it all up!

It started with an impromptu headshot session of my sister... isn't she gorgeous? I think so. ;)


 This is probably my favorite picture EVER. If this is not a Michelle-face, i don't know what is! 

Then, her husband, Michael, joined us outside, so i got a few of them!

We were still waiting on my parents (*cough*mymom*cough*), so we set the timer on my camera, and got some of the four of us. :) The silly pics... they kill me. I laugh every time i look at them! Haha!

But we finally took a decent one. ;)

My parents FINALLY joined us - haha - and we got some of all of us! I don't know if i showed you the ones from Thanksgiving,  but these turned out so much better, I think!! Some of the silly ones are blurry, but i have to include them because they are HILARIOUS. To me, anyway. ;)

This next one makes me laugh so hard... my sister said we needed to all laugh for a pic... i think her laugh & mine look normal...maybe Brad's too. But Mike & my dad... ahahahahaha! Just a LITTLE overdone. So funny! 

Hope you enjoyed these!! Have a very merry Christmas!! :)


  1. You look GORGEOUS in that last photo! Of course, you are gorgeous in all of them, but that last one! Wow girl! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. These are hilarious!! What a fun family!!

  3. I love all the silly pics! The world needs more silly family photos!

  4. Love all these pics! I think my favorite has to be of your dad laughing...his face cracked me up!!


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