Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Card Roundup

I feel like my last post was kind of heavy... how about a fun one? How about some Christmas card stats? My friend Erika actually came up with this idea. She wrote a Christmas Card Roundup post, and it was hilarious and fun to read, so this is me totally copying off of her. I never come up with great blog ideas on my own! So i steal other people's ideas! I'm sure a lot of people are like me & just don't admit it out loud. Oops. ;)

But it's totally justified, because (a) Christmas cards are one of my most favorite thing of the christmas season... giving them and receiving them. And (b) I got more cards this year than any other! See? Justified.

First... I'll show you our Christmas card this year. Actually, for the first time, I ordered 2 different cards, because i am indecisive. Also because it allowed me to order two different types of cards from mpix and i wanted to see the quality! I have been using mpix since 2008, and i love them, but i have always ordered prints through them and cards through Tiny Prints or Shutterfly. This year, i wanted to try mpix. I'm glad I did! The quality is excellent and also, i received them very quickly! Win-win!

So here is one of our cards. Apparently i sent out all of the other one and didn't have an extra to take a picture of! It was cute, though. Promise. ;)



We got a LOT of cards this year, and i was thrilled with that. I love getting them. Checking the mail is so exciting for me for the entire month of December! In case you don't believe me...

5 in one day was super fun!! 

Anyway... how about some Christmas card stats??? Thank you, Erika, for the great idea. Sorry to steal it. Please forgive me! So, here is our wall of cards! I have never put them on the door before... but my Christmas card hanger was over-full, and i wanted to see each photo card! Haha. 

Number of photo cards: 21
Number of non-photo cards: 18

Let me interject here that the reason there are so many non-photo cards, and the reason we got so many cards this year, is because our church had this great little idea. They set up a sort of mailbox with slots for every letter of the alphabet, so people could bring Christmas cards and deliver them there, thus saving people money on postage. I think this encouraged people who never do cards to do them, because there were 3-7 cards for us in the V slot every Sunday leading up to Christmas...from people i normally don't get cards from. It was fun! 

That being said, 11 of the 18 non-photo cards are from church family. 1 is from a blog friend, 1 from a girl in my support group, and the rest are from extended family. :) 

Of the 21 photo cards:

Number of collage cards:
Number of cards from blog friends (people I would not/did not know outside of blogging): 4
Number of cards with pets: 2 (I did not know this was not a thing! How is this not a thing?! Furbabies are a part of the family!) 
Number of cards from theatre friends: 4
Number of (photo) cards from church family:  2
Number of cards from Louisiana: 12
Card that comes from the farthest away:  Tonawanda, New York (1289.81 miles), and believe it or not this is not a blog friend. This is my dear friend Rebecca who was in my wedding & I in hers. Miss her so much!

And my two favorite categories: 
Number of cards from people who suffered from infertility but now have a sweet baby on their card: 3 (So happy for you ladies!!)
Number of cards with pictures that I TOOK: 4 (Very exciting for me!)

So there ya have it! Hope you enjoyed it! Have a merry Saturday after Christmas! :)


  1. What a great idea that your church did! That would never work in mine because of size...but still... great idea!

    We didn't send out cards this year.

    Getting Christmas cards with photos you took is the best kind of card to get!

  2. Yay! Am I the one non-photo card from a blog friend? :-) But, ahem, you do know me in real life. We have pictures to prove it! :-P I know what you mean, though. I so want to be one of the photo card people, but it's weird to just put a photo of yourself on a card. LOL!

    This is a cool idea! I may have to steal it also. :-) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  3. LOVE the mail is idea!! I'm totally going to suggest that at our hurt next year!

  4. This is a fun post! Love seeing all the cards you received! If I would have remembered to ask for your new address, I would have sent you one. :/ Not really on the ball this year. I love the idea your church had. Hope you had a blessed Christmas!

  5. How fun!! I love getting photo Christmas cards too. I keep them on my fridge for months. And I love the idea that your church had.

    Also...I see me on your door!! :)


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