Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Laura in Louisiana! {Downtown Baton Rouge}

This past week my friend Laura came to visit. All the way from Pennsylvania! I had a GREAT time showing her all the sights, introducing her to all our foods, and having her meet some of my favorite people. We had such a good time!

Some people might think it's crazy that we met on MySpace. Haha. Well, that's what happened. TEN years ago, so our friendship is pretty legit. :) Honestly, our friendship wasn't some random thing. I'm convinced God set it up. I mean, He knew we would be good friends to each other, so He made it happen! There was just an instant connection between us. We started emailing each other these long emails about our day, or about our walk with God, about whatever we were dealing with or struggling with. And we've kept that going for ten years! That's really something!

Three years ago I made the trip to Pennsylvania to visit her for a week. It was a blast! I was so excited when we started making plans for her to come here! Once she booked her plane tickets, the time flew by! And finally the day arrived! Her plane landed last Wednesday evening.

 At the airport. Excuse the blur...I was probably excited! :)

On Thursday, we headed to downtown Baton Rouge, so I could show her a few of the sights.

One difference between Louisiana and Pennsylvania is that Louisiana is very flat. It's something I never even think about, but Laura couldn't get over it! Haha! This was pretty much the only hill she saw, and it's pretty small!

 The Liberty Bell replica & the State Capital in the background.

 Laura LOVES our trees. I understand. I kind of love them myself. :)

You are looking at the area where I do a lot of my photo sessions!
 It was so fun seeing it from the top of the state capital!

A selfie on the 27th floor of the State Capital!

The last two pictures are from inside of the old State Capital building. 

Head on over to Laura's blog to hear more of the story and to see some more pics! :) We will both be blogging about her trip here!

After downtown, we headed to Rosedown Plantation. I'll share some of those pics with you next! 


  1. What a great picture of the stained glass!

  2. Oh the State Capital is gorgeous!

  3. I never really think about the fact there aren't a lot of hills here, which is interesting considering there are a ton where I grew up. Although when I was in Georgia over Mardi Gras I did wind up noticing the hills, and it made me a little homesick in a way for California.

    And I've never actually been the to the state capital (either one actually), but definitely think it be a lot of fun to make it there!

  4. And also, just wanted to let you know that I'm loving your new blog design!


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