Friday, April 10, 2015

February Happenings {part two}

If you didn't catch the last two posts, go ahead & read about my January & the first half of February. I'm doing this because i have been slacking bigtime when it comes to blogging, but i have so much to tell you!!! I mean, this year started off RIGHT, and I want to share all that's gone on so far in 2015.

So... here we go.

(part two)

02.17.15 - On the 17th, we had our monthly meeting for the ladies of our church. Although we took a break through the holidays so we haven't had one in a few months! I love going to them, we usually do praise & worship, watch a video & then pray for each other. We've been watching the videos from the Women of Faith conference I went to last year. That night we watched Christine Caine...she is awesome!! Anyway, i love these ladies!

02.19.15 - My friend Mary Claire and I went to Healing Place Church for Bethel Music's Night of Worship. OH MY GOSH. Words do not express what an AMAZING night!! First of all, neither of us knew any of Bethel Music's songs. At least we didn't think we did. So we met for dinner first and took our slow precious time, and then got to the concert about 30 minutes early. Y'all. The line went out the door and around the building!!! We were like, What in the World??? Well, we see why now. Bethel Music is AMAZING. They are so anointed, so passionate, so on fire for Jesus. They prayed for healing and specifically prayed for those dealing with infertility and we were SHOCKED. I wrote more about that here, if you missed it! But the whole night service was just wonderful. I got their cd & it's been playing in my car ever since!

 Outside in line ... see all the people behind us?! 

worship buddies

02.22.15 - That Sunday, we went to a Dare to Be event at Bethany, another local church. Haha! Okay, so i realize it seems like i just go to church things all the time! I really don't. I mean, I love them, but it's rare that these events all come to BR within a few months/weeks/days of each other! I went to the Lisa Harper conference and then two weeks later was Bethel Music, and then when I heard Dare to Be was in Baton Rouge, I HAD to go, because i LOVE Charlotte Gambill. And Natalie Grant is pretty cool too. So I went with Mary Claire & Kasie, another friend from our infertility support group. I'm glad I did! It was a great night! 

02.22.15 - I had two friends give me a coffee mug...I got them on the same day! My friend Amanda saw the teal/mint one and thought of me. My favorite colors! And my friend Rebecca saw the Jesus + Coffee one and mailed it to me for my birthday. I love them! And thankful for friends that understand my need for more coffee mugs. :) 

02.24.15 - We celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday. I just love her! 

02.25.15 - On February 25th, LAURA CAME TO VISIT!!!! I picked her up at the airport that evening and she stayed with us for a week. We had a wonderful time! I wrote about her trip here, here, here & here!

02.27.15 - On this day, after our day trip to New Orleans, I came home to TWO packages in the mail! One was this entryway shelf I ordered on Etsy awhile back. Custom made. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! This pic doesn't really do it justice. It's perfect! And now somewhere to hang my purse!

The other package was from LAURA! She mailed it and hoped it would arrive while she was here. She made me this BEAUTIFUL blanket for my birthday/housewarming!! I am absolutely in love with it. I've used it every single day since! I told Brad this is the kind of gift i will keep FOREVER. Seriously, you'll see me one day old and gray in a little rocking chair, covered up with this blanket. :) Excuse my gorgeousness. Ha! A long day in New Orleans is fun but exhausting!

So that about wraps up February! March is next. And then I'll be a normal blogger. If there is a such a thing. ;)

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