Saturday, April 4, 2015

January Happenings

In an attempt to catch up on this blog, I have decided to just have a few posts to give you the highlights of this year so far. Then maybe we'll be caught up and i can start, you know, actually blogging as everything happens! So this post will be all about what happened in January... at least the highlights! I'll try not to make this too long... but you know how that goes!

- January -

01.01.15 - I started a Project 365 for 2015 on facebook. I have to tell you, I have attempted this at least two other years, mainly because I have several friends that do it & I love looking at their Project 365 albums. It's kind of like a "day in the life" & I enjoy their pictures! But every time I attempted, it was a big fat FAIL! I would stop before January was even over. Well, it's April and I haven't missed a pic yet! Knock on wood! I'm not following a theme of any kind... just a picture a day. Anyway, this is my photo for January 1st. I kind of love it! Haha!

 I got a new planner! I went with May Designs this year and i LOVE IT. I did the Erin Condren thing a few years ago, and it was really too bulky for me. I just want a monthly calendar that's cute. And this one fits the bill! I love that you design it all, start to finish! And the size is perfect for me.

01.03.15 - Every year, we have a little Christmas dinner with three couple-friends of ours. This was our 4th year doing this, I think! It's become a tradition! Although this year it got moved to January! Sadly, Becca & Mike couldn't make it this year. We had the dinner at Adam & Katie's new house which is GORGEOUS! Adam made a delicious roast ... seriously ... so tender, it just fell off the bone! It was amazing! Amanda & I were both doing Whole30, but there was still plenty of good food for us to enjoy! Adam & Katie invited their friends, Isaac & Ursula. We had a great time!!

me & my love!

Adam & Katie

 Matt & Amanda

 Isaac & Ursula

Ellie came too. I love her!

01.04.15 - I did a photo shoot with a new friend Ashton, her husband, & their two dogs. (This is just an iphone pic! You can see their pro pics here!)

01.09.15 - Brad discovered that he loves Greek & Lebanese food!

01.13.15 - Mary Claire & I had dinner with our sweet friend Jenni before she moved about 4 hours away!! We both met Jenni in support group, although after years of infertility she finally has beautiful twin baby girls! Miss this girl already, although we do keep in touch by text! 

01.16.15 - We had a game night at our house for our church. Very small turnout, but some of the best! We had a great time! Fievel was showing off his cuteness. :)

He loves his Aunt Mandy!

 Snuggled up next to Uncle Billy!

 Pastor Jeff & Mrs. MaryAnn...they're so sweet!

Group Selfie!!

01.18.15 - One night, Fievel was misbehaving so Brad came in to lecture him... and this is what the dog does. Basically, he's saying, "Sorry I was bad...rub my belly?" Haha!

01.20.15 - Our friends Heather & Chad came by to pick up some things we were donating to their garage sale to raise funds for their adoption!! Please keep them in your prayers! (She has been blogging here!) 

01.21.15 - Went to a girl's only night at Healing Place!! Went with Sherry, Beth, her daughter Lexie & Mary Claire. Mary Claire's mom came, too (she took this pic for us). :) This was the service that really got me to wanting to BELIEVE in the miracles God is going to do in my life!! I had already chosen "believe" as my word, and then they talked about the woman with the issue of blood that night. "Daughter, your faith has healed you." Will never forget it! 

01.24.15 - Did Portia's maternity session!! Portia battled infertility for SEVEN years and now has a baby boy!!!! :) (I didn't blog her maternity session yet, or i would show you the pro pics! Clearly I'm behind on that blog as well!) 

 01.31.15 - My friend Elisabeth had this mug customized for me!! I don't remember what day I got it in the mail, but this was my first cup of it! Believe! Love it! :) 

As you can see, January was pretty amazing!! Hope this wasn't too long... but at least it was a lot of pictures! :) Will tell you all about February soon! Have a great weekend!

P.S. Some of you may be noticing my new blog design for the first time! I'm so in love!! Thank you so much, Tricia!!!!


  1. I love the blog design (I did see it in your last few posts, but thought maybe I'd missed something so I didn't say anything. LOL). That pic of Fievel and Brad cracks me up. Dogs are hilarious!

  2. Your blog design is really cute!! I think it's wonderful that you spend lots of time with friends and family. All of these pictures are evidence of the love and support you have and give in your life :)

  3. You're so cute! Glad you had a great January :)

  4. How is it that your husband is only just know realizing he loves Greek food?!?!?! :) But seriously, we love Albasha's. It's actually where we had our first date and where the boy proposed, so not only is it delicious it has great memories for us too.


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