Saturday, May 16, 2015

March Happenings

Remember that time I did a whole post on the month of January & another whole post on the month of February, just because I was so behind on blogging? And i was going to do one more on March, and then we would be good to go? Well, the March one didn't happen. I blogged a little between then and now, but I still gotta catch you up on March. Because, I mean, March is birthday month. So. Hopefully this one won't be too boring for you! I'm just gonna share the highlights!


03.02.15 - So, March started off with my birthday. Last year, my birthday was not good. I had just learned that I was going to miscarry, but was hoping that it was all a big mistake and that our baby would stick. So on my actual birthday, I was in that awful place of hoping we had a baby but worried that we didn't. I was loved, I was comforted, I was surrounded by family, but it was still a scary time. I knew this year, my birthday would be much better. Even though I still do not have a baby in my arms, I was in a great frame of mind, AND my dear friend Laura was still in town!!
So I did actually blog about my birthday, and that post has all the good pics! But here is one of the ones from my phone. Me & Brad sharing my birthday dessert. (I picked The Cheesecake Bistro, because I was really wanting cheesecake for my birthday... and then I ordered a hot fudge brownie with ice cream instead. I don't know what happened!) 

And one of me & Laura. :)

03.07.15 - Did Charissa's senior session! Her mom & 2 sisters came with and we had a blast. Love this family!

03.08.15 - Had lunch outside on the porch because the weather was awesome! 

03.11.15 - Brad & I started a whole90. Which is a whole30, but for 90 days. More on that soon!

03.14.15 - I did Lauryn's senior session! Oh my goodness, she is a doll! I absolutely loved her shoot!

03.14.15 - Lunch after church with our favorite couple!

03.20.15 - Went on a date night to see Company at Theatre Baton Rouge. It was VERY GOOD! I've missed that place!

03.21.15 - Brad & I took breakfast to our friends Andy & Ashley, and we got to meet their brand new baby girl, born March 14th. Isn't she beautiful!? I love her. 

03.23.15 - Cut the grass for the very first time in my LIFE. (I probably should be more ashamed of that fact than I am!) ACTUALLY, Brad was cutting the grass when I got home from work, and I just stepped in for like 5 seconds. Then i posted this picture on Facebook as my pic-of-the-day, and I got more comments than I think I've gotten on any picture I've ever posted! Ha! No, people, i didn't REALLY mow the lawn. But I will. PROMISE! (Really.) 

03.24.15 - Got this sweet gift in the mail. Had been wanting to read it! :)(This is a shame, but I haven't finished it yet. I've been a procrastinator with reading lately, I don't know why!)

03.27.15 - Met up with my friend Becca to do a short family session! The mosquitos ate us up!! But we had fun. Love her! 

03.28.15 - Went to see Evie Kate again! This time it was with my mom & we brought dinner. :) 

03.29.15 - I had two photo sessions on this day! One was a senior named Michael, and then I did my friend Amy's engagement session! So fun! 

Awesome month!!! How was your March? Oh, wait. That was like two months ago! How is your May, then? I promise I'll catch up on this blog one of these days!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Love the pic of you taking a picture in the shoot!! Sounds like a great March!

  2. I've never in my life mowed the lawn, so you're a step ahead of me with mowing for 5 seconds! Great job! :-P

  3. I've never mowed the lawn either. :) Also, you are adorable!


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