Monday, June 1, 2015

Quite Possibly the Best Weekend of 2015

This weekend was WONDERFUL! It could possibly go down as the best of 2015? Maybe? I'm thinking it would at least be a runner up! Not that anything crazy or super special happened. Just good times with friends and family. Sad it's already over! 

Friday night, we had a young adult fellowship night for our church. By "young adult", I just mean anyone from college age up to retirement age. Ha! The first time I was invited to one, I said, "Am I considered young adult?" because I assumed that meant youth! But it doesn't. We are trying to come up with a better name! Anyway, usually only 4 or 5 people show up to them. We do have a small church, but still! Just seems like every time only a few of us can come. But this time it was all of the young(ish) couples, plus two couples that are new to the church. We ate, talked & played a hilarious game of Taboo, guys against girls. It was a great night!

Timmy & Brandie

Josh & Becca (these two will be married in a couple of weeks!)

Luke & Emily

Tony & Kolbie

Billy & Mandy

Andy & Ashley - and a nice photobomb by Billy!

Our Pastor, Jeff, and his son, Alex. And just to give you an idea, Pastor Jeff is like 6'2!

So the whole night was just a blast! By the end I was delirious (and no, it wasn't that late, I just am old and was exhausted! Ha!). We ended up taking a bunch of silly pictures as we were leaving...

I'll spare you the rest. After we played Taboo, some people were getting ready to leave, and I decided I needed a picture of the entire group first. I got Mr. JC to take it. I just... I wish I could show you all the bloopers. I got everyone in the frame, showed him how to hold my iphone and what button to push, and...well...the entire back row had their heads and shoulders cut off! It was just priceless. You probably had to be there. But we ended up with this one! Good job, Mr. JC! :)
The whole gang!!

Saturday, we had a fun day at my parent's house... me, my husband, my parents, his parents, and my sister and brother-in-law. Dad made hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, mom made her amazing baked beans and potato ranch casserole, my mother-in-law brought brownies, and everything was delicious! We talked for hours and did a little swimming, too! It was a GREAT day!!

Oh, yeah, getting back to clean eating on Monday!

My parents & my husband's parents talked for hours right here in the sun room. I just think it's so crazy & cool how they met when we were just babies, and hit it off, having no idea one day the Venable's oldest son would marry the Perry's youngest daughter. :) Love my parents & my in-laws so much, and love that they are good friends after all these years!
Fievel was not at all thrilled with this ... he was kind of terrified in the water at first. This is the second time around & he seemed okay in his daddy's arms. ;) And yes...he's disgusting...needs a grooming appointment!
Excuse my naked face, this is after we got home! Such a fun day!
Brad & I got home around 5:30, and I proceeded to watch several episodes of Chicago Fire, my new addiction. I am almost done with season one and it is just SO GOOD!

Sunday morning, church was pretty great, too. Love my church family!
Being silly in Billy's office before service.

Our church has a garden & I got to take home some squash and this little bitty zucchini! HA!

The rest of the day was pretty chill. We took a nap, watched TV & then Brad worked in his studio and I worked on photography in my office. I had an AMAZING weekend with Brad... just a lot of fun! Love him!

So it was a great one... not sure if next weekend will come close!

How was yours?!


  1. I've been a blog reading slacker!

    Sounds like this was a great weekend! You have so many good people in your life!

  2. Glad to see you are still blogging!! :) Just getting my stuff back together and started blogging again!! You look well and happy and that is great to see!

    Jodie (Biggerthanababyelephant.blogspot.com


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