Friday, July 3, 2015

Father's Day, two special birthdays, & other stuff.

Look at this dog. I've had him for ten years, and I've seen him lay down in many different positions and places, but this one is new! Of course it's his first summer in a home with wood floors, and I've seen him sprawled out on our cool floors more so than in the past when we were in the trailer. But half in bed half out? That's new. I'm thinking he couldn't decide. :)

Speaking of, let me just say. Some woman wrote an article about how calling your pet a furbaby is an insult to moms everywhere. I did not read the article because I knew it would do nothing more than tick me off, but it was posted by moms who thought she needed to get over herself. So i feel justified in being disgusted by this woman. Trust me, lady, I know my FURBABY is not an actual human baby, I know having a human baby is ten times better and harder and more rewarding, so please let this infertile woman call her ONLY baby a furbaby if she wants to.

Sorry. Haha. Had to get that out. I am in the two week wait, and I'm feeling kind of crazy at this particular moment, so. I needed to rant about that for a second!

So now I'm just going to keep saying it. FURBABY FURBABY FURBABY. (I'm so mature.)

Moving on. 

June 18th was a fun day! Apparently it was National Recess Day, and the BRG Fit team went around the hospital with this little fun obstacle course thing for employees to do for a little exercise break. It was fun actually! I was thinking no way would I make a fool of myself in front of those people, but when Morgan said she couldn't hula hoop either, I decided we could make a fool of ourselves together. :) We rocked it, though!

Me & my coworker Morgan. You got an apple if you completed it! Haha!

Coworkers Jenni & Frankie

That evening I had a much needed date with one of my favorite people, Brittany!! She is such a doll! I just love her! So we went to Bistro Byronz, which is quite possibly my favorite restaurant in Baton Rouge. We had a great time. Then we went to Music Man at Theatre Baton Rouge! 

We ran into Zac there and obviously had to have a selfie with him! Love me some Zac! 

And my girl Caty, stage manager for the Music Man! Love her!

June 20th, I was second shooter for my friends Becca & Josh's wedding, and had a blast. It was exhausting and HOT, but such a blast shooting for a wedding at my church where I knew so many people! The father-daughter dance was AMAZING! So fun! No pics though, except the ones taken with my Canon!

After the wedding, we headed to Texas de Brazil for dinner with my dad for Father's Day. My sister and her husband had made the reservations and they picked up Brad's tab for his birthday. Brad turned 40 on the 22nd & Michelle turned 40 on the 23rd! Cannot believe we are getting so old!

Love this picture of us with dad!!

 The three we were celebrating!! One father's day & two fortieth birthdays!

 Michelle & Brad always have to take their annual silly pic.

 Michelle & her husband Mike.
 Mom & Dad!

Me & my sweet love!

 Me & my sis!

Sunday June 21, I wore a dress to church. I never wear dresses except to weddings (weddings that I'm not shooting). So this is rare. I felt it needed to be documented! Even though you can't see the whole thing! I love it! But spanx are painful after a couple of hours. Thus the reason i never wear dresses! If i were thin, I would wear them all the time!

Our church has a father's day tradition where we serve ice cream cone after service. Pastor always asks a few of the ladies to help, and this year I served ice cream with Sarah & Melody. Sarah is new to our church so it was fun getting to know her for a bit! :) 

Later that day, me & Brad went to Sammy's with his parents & sister to celebrate Father's Day & Brad's birthday with them! We went to his parent's house afterwards for cake & ice cream! We had a great time together, as always! I just didn't get any pics!

I may or may not have failed as blogger of the year because I didn't do a special post for Brad on his birthday - and not just ANY birthday but his FORTIETH!!! (Or maybe I fail as a blogger because i rarely blog anymore...). Anyway, I gave him plenty of goodies - and this card! I promise it says nothing dirty inside the card! Ha! A lady from church commented "I'm glad you stopped at the last one!" when i posted this on FB! Hahaha! (He is a good kisser, though! Probably more than you wanted to know! So sue me!)

He had a pretty good birthday, I think. :) Love him SO MUCH.

I guess that's it for now! Hope your June is going well, too!


  1. I'm actually a pretty awesome hula hooper! Although look ridiculous while doing it. A few years ago at our company picnic I actually won a contest.

    Also I'm sending you lots if luck and happy thoughts in your tww!! I believe this will be the year for you!!!

  2. Ooo a two week wait!? I will be sending lots of prayers your way. :-)

    Oh and you look lovely in your dress! You should definitely wear them more often. I hear ya on the Spanx thing, though. It's a pain to go to the bathroom in one of those.


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